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Managed IT Services for Non-profit Firms

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Secure Reliable IT Solutions for Non-profit Firms

Non-profit firms rely on technology to connect donors, sponsors and volunteers, and to raise awareness in their communities. Non-profit “back-office” functions such as financial reporting, sustainability planning, and performance measurement require technology. Many non-profits have the same IT requirements as their “for profit” cousins, driven by the expectations of their community. Non-profits operate on tight budgets, so the cost of up-to-date technology can seem prohibitive. However, the right technology helps nonprofits significantly by helping them increase their revenue. It can also spawn innovation, improvements in efficacy, and better delivery on mission.

At CMIT Solutions, we are dedicated to our local community as our non-profit neighbors. We can help.

User technology to achieve your mission:

  • Protect donor, sponsor and client private information
  • Deploy a multi-layered cyber security framework to repel cyber attackers
  • Engage your community with mobile applications to accelerate fundraising
  • Trust our expertise to deliver new options and better efficiencies

Let CMIT Solutions bring the same level of professionalism and expertise to your IT infrastructure as you do to your clients.


of donors reported they use a smartphone or tablet


of nonprofits do not have their donation page optimized for mobile devices


of nonprofit organizations use cloud-based accounting or fundraising solutions


of nonprofits are not effectively using donor data for marketing and fundraising

Hackers attack every 39 seconds, on average 2,244 times a day

In June 2018, a fraudulent campaign was launched by attackers asking for donations on behalf of The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation. In 2015, The American Museum of Natural History, NYC was a victim of a cyberattack.

  • 56% of nonprofits don’t require multi-factor authentication (MFA) to log into online accounts.
  • More than 70% of nonprofits have not run even one vulnerability assessment to evaluate their potential risk exposure.
  • Only 20% of nonprofits have a policy in place to address cyberattacks.

IT downtime costs companies an average of  $5,600 per minute

Depending on the size of the business and the scale of its operations, it can cost businesses anywhere from $140,000 to $540,000 per hour.

Mange services delivered a cost reduction of 30-40% and an efficiency  boost of 50-60%

As per Dataconomy report, businesses implementing Managed IT Services cut in-house IT costs, improve service quality and boost productivity.

Custom IT Solutions for Non-profit Company

Non-profit organizations represent the heart and soul of many communities. In our every more connected world, you need to have the same access to people and information as anyone.

We understand the challenges non-profit organizations must address, such as:

  • The tension to balance costs against success of the mission
  • The need to top of mind and easily accessible to donors, volunteers and influencers
  • The challenge of producing top quality experiences for donors and your community
  • Managing a diverse group of staff and volunteers during high stress events

We are proud to support and ensure uptime of your systems, providing support for third party application and will liaise with the vendor should any issues arise.
You can be assured that we will take the time to understand your specific business needs and devise a tailored solution which will enhance your productivity and help you get your work done faster.

We know the technology tools that companies in the non-profit world rely on every day. Let us manage your IT so you can manage your business.

A differentiated, end-to-end capability with deep experience

24/7 IT Support

  • Preventive IT support model keeps your systems up and running 24/7, so that you can focus on your business
  • Regular patching and cleaning of your computers to improve security and speed
  • 24/7 Help desk support to help address issues in real time and keep your workforce productive

Data Backup & Recovery

  • Our data backup and recovery solutions enable you to get back up and running quickly in case of any disaster
  • The redundancy of securing data backup protects you against hardware failure, natural disaster, cybercrime, and much more
  • Complete data protection and confidentiality with end-to-end AES encryption

Network Security

  • Multi-layered network security, Firewall, VPN, Multi-Factor Authentication and network helps keep your IT network secured
  • Prevent accidental and malicious leaks, and fending off ransomware, spear-phishing, impersonation and other sophisticated attacks
  • Security Operations Center (SOC) experts monitor your computers 24/7 and respond to any security issues in real time

Cloud Solutions

  • CMIT’s cloud solutions help organizations minimize IT infrastructure overhead while increase flexibility and scalability
  • Cloud based productivity solutions e.g. hosted email, collaboration, document sharing, cloud storage and workflow automations
  • Unified communications, website and application hosting for non-profit firms

Ransomware Protection

  • CMIT single sign on privileged account access management and cybersecurity assessment helps protect your data from ransomware
  • Intelligent firewall and DNS filtering of your network
  • Antivirus, anti-malware, email security and secured file sharing

Networking Services

  • Our network experts optimize performance and bandwidth ensuring a responsive IT network
  • Up to date firewall with latest software update, security and performance patches
  • 24/7 technical support


  • 60+ partnerships with leading vendors enable better pricing due to volume discount
  • Setup, installation, data migration and support for smooth transition
  • Extended support and warranty and  seamless integration with your technology infrastructure

Multi-Location Support

  • CMIT provides you multi-location IT support for all your needs whether it is in-person or remote
  • On location 24/7/365 technical and infrastructure support over a email or call
  • Access to experienced IT professionals on demand at an optimized cost

What Our Customers Say

CPA firm grows thanks to trustworthy IT support and reliable network management.

Medical clinic prevents disaster with proactive IT solutions and managed IT support.

Non-Profit thrives thanks to responsive IT help desk computer support.

Medical clinic prevents disaster with proactive IT solutions and managed IT support.

Value add of Managed IT services for Non-profit Firms


A predictable cost model that scales with your business across all stages of growth. In-house IT team for small and midsized firms could be expensive and may incur unpredictable expenses e.g. attrition, re-training and other emergencies that could be limiting to your business

Improved service & reduced risk

24/7 support, on-site support when needed and extended hours and weekend support to resolve issues without downtime. In addition, our Operating Center is constantly monitoring your IT systems in real time and solving many issues before you see their impact

Access to new technology

Technology is evolving and getting competitive. MSPs can help navigate this complex landscape and help implement the right solutions to deliver competitive advantage

70% CIOs are looking for growth and
partnership when looking for MSP

Access to skills

As a leading MSP, we can provide expert services on demand with a scalable model. Hiring or retraining not always an efficient model, especially for one-time projects. A scalable model with access to experts with the required skills helps expedite your projects at optimum cost

Scalability & Growth

MSPs can scale services quickly as per demand. This helps companies align technology with business demands and speed up time to market

Improved Security & Compliance

Repeatable and time-tested solutions and best practices can provide better security and compliance, while continuous monitoring can detect the latest threats and remediate quickly


MSP costs lower than internal IT team and brings a team of experts in respective areas in a fraction of cost compared to recruiting a team of experts

Improved service & reduced risk

Industry standard solutions along with Business continuity plan and Disaster recovery services provide greater resilience and faster response to any contingencies

Access to new technology

Technology is evolving fast and getting competitive. MSPs can get help navigate this complex landscape and bring right new technologies to deliver competitive advantage

Access to skills

MSPs can free up in-house resources for undertaking key strategic initiative. MSPs can also provide skilled resources in specific areas from similar experiences in the industry,

Scalability & Growth

MSPs can scale services quickly as per demand. This helps companies align IT with operating requirements and speed up time to market

Improved Security & Compliance

Repeatable and time-tested solutions and best practices can provide better security and compliance and continuous monitoring can detect latest threats and remediate quickly

Latest Technology Trends for Non-profit Industry

The impact of the pandemic on the non-profit community is unprecedented. Organizations have had to find new ways to provide their services while staying as close as they can to their stakeholders. In order for them to continue many organizations have had to be innovative. Non-profits have used technology to expand their reach in the products and services they provide, thereby increasing their capacity to serve their intended population.

Good technology is a great storytelling tool, but more than that, the right technology helps the non-profit sector significantly by helping them increase their revenue. Here are four tech trends that will help non-profit organizations move forward –

Artificial Intelligence

  • Non-profits are using AI for automating their procedures and tasks. This has helped them to save employee’s time and the valuable investment of the organization
  • AI has acted as a catalyst in transforming many organizations. They are using chatbots to automate customer service, raising funds for orphanages, and resolving food and water crises


  • Automation can help non-profit organize and securely store all constituent data, manage accounting and human resources, save time for events organizational formalities, increase the impact of marketing emails, quickly generate reports of any aspect of work
  • With automation non-profits can put to an end cumbersome workflows and processes

Data analytics

  • Analytics can help non-profits track budgets and expenditures, plan resource allocation, and forecast future revenue
  • To make decisions about the future, non-profits examine information that comes from different sources Data analytics streamlines the process of organizing this information, making it easier to analyze

Mobile Fundraising

  • Mobile fundraising — In 2020, donations have increased 205%. 51% of people who visit a non-profit’s website do so on a mobile device. Overall giving increased 4% last year
  • Charities can add mobile giving to their assortment of fundraising strategies by using text-to-give and text-to-donate services, maximizing social media fundraising, and adopting mobile payment technologies

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60+ Leading vendor partnerships to being best in class solutions

We partner with more leading technology companies to bring best in class solutions and services at a highly competitive cost






Remote support and technology infrastructure management solutions
Cloud based backups,  BCDR appliances intelligent firewall and email security products
Endpoint security for computers and network with cloud-based threat intelligence services
Desktop, Laptop, Servers, Storage solutions, Driver software and  peripherals
Cloud based productivity and collaboration with Office 365, Team, OneDrive, Power BI and Power Apps
Remote connectivity for troubleshooting and support, and cloud-based collaboration and remote working
SaaS based cloud and on-premise data backup and recovery and Business Continuity Planning
Static and Behavioral AI  engine with Automated EDR for isolation, immunization and rollback of threats
Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, Server, Display devices, Accessories, Data Center and phones
Secured cloud-based collaboration and productivity apps powered by Google
Professional Services Automation (PSA) for complete IT service delivery management
Cloud based online file sharing, collaboration and document management platform
Next-gen firewalls for perimeter security with signature, heuristics, sandboxing and Deep packet inspection
Reinventive technology solutions, and hardware and software peripherals
Cloud computing services for building, testing and managing app and services with a scalable model
Unified remote monitoring and management software for maintenance and support
Network Attached Storage solutions, External Drives and Optical Drives
Endpoint Detection and Response and Secured Gateway, SD-WAN security and Incident Response solutions
IT & secure  networking hardware and software solutions
On demand Cloud computing with scalable model on a pay as you go basis.
Let’s talk about your IT needs and how we can help

Let’s talk about your IT needs and how we can help

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