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Tax Day Cybersecurity Tips

Stephen Paskel, owner of CMIT Solutions of Biltmore, discusses how to stay safe during tax season. In the first 3 months of 2018 cyber attacks were up by 32%. Cyber criminals exploit tax season as an opportunity to steal sensitive data. Stephen outlines how education and strong security practices will help you stay safe while filing your taxes. Follow our quick tips to avoid cyber criminals and tax fraud.

1st Tax Day Tip

File your taxes as soon as possible so criminals don’t get the chance to file fraudulent taxes under false information.

2nd Tax Day Tip

Don’t file your tax return on a public Wi-Fi connection, such as those servicing public libraries, coffee shops or computers in hotel business centers.

3rd Tax Day Tip

Make sure that the tax filing service website includes an “s” in the “https” at the start of the web address. This means you are on a site with an extra layer of security. Google search engine will tell you if a website is secure or not.

4th Tax Day Tip

Never take a photo of any tax information, including a W-2 form.


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