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Business Asset Management

Cloud Solutions for Businesses

Do you feel locked in to your current IT provider or employee? Are you an information hostage? Many businesses fear letting go of their IT company or employee even when they are not being reliably served, but why?

Without these employees or IT companies, several businesses simply could not function. Many don’t know their own passwords or vendor information or even have an accurate asset inventory. Truth be told, businesses in this position do not hold the keys to their own castle.

At CMIT Solutions, we want our customers to stay with us because they like us… not because we kidnap their most important information. Our approach to business assets is unique. Using a cloud based tool, we keep a full inventory of all assets for our clients that even the non IT employee can view and understand. Such assets include desktops, laptops, iPads, servers, printers, phones, and more. In addition, also stored in the cloud based tool are all the configurations, contacts associated with vendors, IP addresses, floor plans, and more.

With our cloud based tool, it is not only easy for CMIT‘s multiple technicians to assist customers but it is also easy to share data with clients if they are transitioning or simply need information. Don’t be a hostage! Use a responsible vendor and ask for access to all the important information to keep your business running efficiently and effectively.


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