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Outsourcing IT

Outsourcing IT

The nature and responsibility of the IT workforce is as dynamic as the landscape in technology today. As a business owner, having a team in place with the resources and systems needed to keep your office running and protected is indispensable. That’s why you’ll want to consider outsourcing IT with CMIT Solutions.

In small businesses, in-house IT employees are commonly hired by someone without any background in IT and tasked with keeping desktops, printers and the network up and running. In small to medium sized companies, it is common for the IT employee to be young, smart, and computer knowledgeable, however lacking in experience or formal training. When there is no cross training or additional IT staff, having a solo IT employee can create many difficulties. Apart from ultimately being costly, your IT employee may not be prepared to address certain kinds of issues. What’s more, a single IT employee may not always be in the office when you need them—IT issues have a way of happening during vacations and sick days.

With an outsource IT vendor like CMIT Solutions, you depend on us to provide your business with many things an employee cannot:

  • 24/7 monitoring and service
  • Major cost savings
  • A huge knowledge based contributed to by more than 800 technicians
  • An enterprise class product suite
  • Redundancy

Outsourcing your IT office infrastructure keeps your business stable, productive and with the right partner, prepared. CMIT Solutions monitors our client’s business environment 24/7, often alerting clients before they notice an issue. We provide you with peace of mind and eliminate the dependency on a solo employee or local, often unreliable consultant.


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