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Password Security

Password security

Is your password “PASSWORD” or “123456”? At this point, most of us understand that having a complex password is critical for protecting the applications we log into, and the security of our personal and business data. The fact is that hacks to the smallest and largest businesses are regularly reported these days on the news. Hackers pose a threat to users both personally and in business.

The experts advise that a strategy involving complex passwords, differing passwords across applications, and frequently changing your passwords are the best way to mitigate risk. But the reality of having so many different passwords can become quite a headache, and we may even just end up writing them down by our desks. Instead of trying to invent and remember multiple passwords, we recommend using a password wallet, such as LastPass. LastPast is free and can store all of your passwords while you log in with just one. It can be accessed in your browser as well as on your mobile devices. You can even use LastPass to generate passwords that are complex and more secure for your business.

In a world where hacking only continues to become more sophisticated, it’s critical to protect your data and your identity. LastPass is just one option amidst many others for securing the integrity of your data at work and at home.


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