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Updates and Security Patches

Every day, patches and updates are released with the intent to improve your systems, secure them or apply the latest fix for flaws and bugs. At CMIT Solutions of Murray Hill, we automate and apply updates when it is most convenient for your business. Patches may be applied after office hours, overnight or even on weekends. Maintaining the integrity of your data can help eliminate downtime, protect your IT environment and extend the life of your IT infrastructure.

In addition to applying patches around your scheduling needs, at CMIT Solutions of Murray Hill we also provide careful monitoring. By monitoring updates and patches, we can confirm whether or not they have been effectively applied. For instance, if a machine is offline, our technicians can determine whether an update or patch has not been applied and contact the user. By keeping a close watch over your data and providing updates according to your scheduling needs, we can help your business continue running smoothly.

Instead of interrupting your workforce and managing patches during the workday, consider letting the experienced technicians at CMIT Solutions manage this essential task for your company. To learn more about our state-of-the-art monitoring and patch updates, contact us today!


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