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Elevate Learning with IT Support for Schools

Stay on Course with IT Services for Education

Learn How to Get One Month of Free Managed IT Services

Elevate Learning with IT Support for Schools

Stay on Course with IT Services for Education

Learn How to Get One Month of Free Managed IT Services

Improve the Learning Experience with IT Support for Schools

Today’s students, teachers, parents, and administrators need access to best-in-breed technology that facilitates the delivery of a top-tier education via distance learning. CMIT Solutions has studied the industry’s technology needs, and our team of experts has developed tailored IT support for schools that you won’t find anywhere else. We work with a variety of educational institutions, delivering affordable managed IT services to public school systems, elite private schools, charter schools, and everything in between.

Investing in IT support for schools is a sure-fire way to generate world-class learning experiences. Your students will excel when exposed to the right technology, including electronic blackboards, video conferencing programs, VoIP phone services, and various learning management systems (LMS). Plus, you’ll be able to protect student information, secure private data, meet the needs of your staff, and empower educators through the effective use of technology. We keep up with the latest changes in technology so you don’t have to. Focus on your students and staff while we take care of all things IT.

CMIT Metro East St. Louis has the tools it takes to:

  • Defend Your Network
  • Prohibit Inappropriate Browsing via DNS filtering
  • Communicate Vital Information
  • Manage Mobile Devices like Chromebooks, Laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones
  • Streamline Record-Keeping
  • Create Interactive Activities

We know the technology tools that leaders in the education industry rely on every day. Let us manage your IT so you can improve student outcomes.

Custom IT Solutions for Education

Is it possible to keep up with the IT demands in education? We can and do. First, we support schools across North America, each with their own unique requirements. We respect that your school and community may have special needs and we work together to meet those requirements.

Common issues we’ve solved include:

  • Segmenting networks between students and staff, limiting internet access and blocking specific categories of sites
  • Building technology labs that support student learning including support for Windows and iOS systems
  • Crafting disaster recovery and data protection plans, and recovering from inadvertent mistakes
  • Supporting remote students

We are proud to support and ensure uptime of your systems, providing support for third-party applications and will liaise with the vendor should any issues arise.

You can be assured that we will take the time to understand your specific needs and devise a tailored solution which will enhance your productivity and help you get your work done faster.

“At Alpha Industries technology is critical to the success of our business. When we first started our business we had a friend come in and set up our server, but we quickly outgrew that set-up. That’s when we realized that we really needed a partner whose core focus was on technology and that’s what they were known for. Working with our local CMIT Solutions office, they have really expanded upon even what I thought what our needs were and have been able to think proactively about future steps our company might take. CMIT has really exceeded any and all of my expectations in planning that roadmap ahead of us. “

Trent Henckell, CEO of Alpha Industries, LLC

IT Services for Education

Our local CMIT Solutions team can handle all of your hardware, software, cloud computing, networking and cyber security needs. Be sure to ask about our encrypted email service, data encryption, secure networking, and secure guest Wifi offerings.


Let us handle the purchase of new hardware, software and other mission critical IT equipment at discounted prices.

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Multi-Location Support

No matter where you are, chances are, that we have an office nearby. Get the IT support you need, wherever you are.​ Learn more about our Products and Services.​

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Cloud Solutions

Secure access to manage your documents, files, emails and other critical assets from anywhere.

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Network Security

Manage access to your most important data and keep critical information secure with firewalls and monitoring. Improve your business performance with the right mix of network management, security and bandwidth.

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Backup and Recovery

Mistakes happen, computers fail, people drop things. Protect your data, keep your employees up and running.

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24/7 IT Support

Have an IT problem? We can help. Whatever the question is, we are on call, helping you to get whatever it is you need done. Learn more about our Products and Services.

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Managed Print Services

Never run out of toner again. Save time and money with intelligent permission based print management solutions.

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Mobile Device Management

We manage every device your team uses. Tablets or phones, no problem. Learn more about our Products and Services.

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5 Reasons Why File Sync and Share is Critical for the Success of your Education Company

Just because you can access a document in the cloud or on your computer doesn’t mean it’s safe, shareable, or even up to date.

Consider how essential it is for you and your employees to have the ability to access, edit, and collaborate on documents in an efficient and secure way no matter where you are or what type of device you are using.

Let’s talk about your IT needs and how we can help

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