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Who we are.

Jason Bosslett – President of CMIT Solutions of Morristown

Even as a kid, I have always been fascinated with technology.  While I was always curious with taking apart and rebuilding various household items, my journey really started when I received my first computer – an Apple IIc.  Technically one of the first “portable” PCs (it had a handle on it), I used this extensively throughout my teenage years learning foundational programming (Apple LOGO, Pascal and BASIC).

Once in college, I studied Computer Science before changing majors to Finance.  However, that love for technology never left me.  In my first job after college, I built a configurable trading platform using Excel and VBA at the bond trading firm I was working for before moving to an almost two-decade career at Prudential.

While at Prudential, I took on various roles within technology ranging from developer to leading our department’s innovation lab.  Our team frequently was called upon to do the impossible and we always were able to deliver.  Outside of Prudential, I had a brief foray into building desktop computers and have always had my hands in doing support for various members of our local community.

As I transition into my new role as a small business owner with CMIT Solutions, I’m excited to join CMITs strong national network of 200+ locations and over a thousand trained professionals.  Throughout my career, I have always had a strong desire to help people with technology and my focus will be on gaining the trust of local business owners.  It is my mission to build a strong local team that businesses can rely on for their IT solutions.

At CMIT, we are a full-service technology team focused on providing top quality consulting, support, implementation, and anything else IT.  It is our goal to be your trusted advisor on all aspects of technology.  By having us as your trusted partner, it will empower you spend time on the important aspects of your business that will help it grow successfully.

What we do.

CMIT Solutions operates on a managed services model that offers proactive outsourced IT services and management services at affordable, consistent monthly rates. Our subscription model allows small business owners to effectively budget and foresee IT expenses, saving them money and time in the long run. We provide a variety of different services that we can tailor to suit your businesses needs. We wrap outstanding technology with personalized service and the CMIT Promise. Ask us what the CMIT Promise means to your business.

Our Team

At CMIT Solutions, we eat, sleep and breathe technology.  Our eyes glisten when we see how a well managed technology fuels business growth.  We are passionate about our work, motivated to exceed our clients’ expectations, and willing to go the extra mile. Passion is a trait we look for in everyone in our team.

But our team has more than passion.  We have a purpose.  We serve our community by bringing the best information technology support to businesses and we empower the growth of those businesses.  We live here.  We work here. We are dedicated to building a thriving local business community.

We are also part of a larger organization which has a twenty year history of success in technology, business management, and franchising. Our executive team funds market research, selects, tests, and vets the products and companies with whom we do business, and assures that we have additional support channels that other companies do not have, due to the size and strength of our network.  Our entire system collaborates to bring our collective client base the best technology support available today.

Jason Bosslett

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“Our line of work is dependent on IT and we can’t have any downtime. CMIT has helped us grow from three employees to 20, and they’ve helped us manage our growth and begin working with remote employees, keeping us all connected.”

Michael Mills, President | Broadwing Aviation

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