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3 Challenges and What’s Being Done to Support Our New Remote Working World

IT Consultant in Newport BeachAfter months of remote work working great for many companies, more of them are considering implementing the practice permanently.

Working with an IT consultant in Newport Beach can make this process easier. It wasn’t far into the pandemic when companies began announcing they would allow working-from-home scenarios to continue. Twitter, Facebook, and Shopify were among the first onboard. And LinkedIn executives have pointed to emerging trends showing at-home work becoming more widely accepted in a variety of industries. There’s been about a 30 percent increase in work-from-home job postings and nearly a 50 percent increase in searches for these positions. 

Although the transition to working from home was unexpected for many, a large number of people now report they’ve been able to maintain or improve their productivity even though they are not in their usual work environment. 

But as revealing and beneficial as these changes have been for many businesses, this isn’t to say there aren’t concerns. Any company considering the switch to permanent remote work needs to implement a plan to help workers deal with the challenges of working from home. Working with an IT consultant in Newport Beach can help you develop a WFH strategy and create a system that suits everyone. What are three of the biggest challenges and what can be done to support remote work?

1. Maintaining Social Connectivity

In addition to everything else is, the workplace is traditionally social. Even in the least interactive environments, being in the workplace provides an opportunity to collaborate and interact socially. Transitioning to remote work means finding ways to help employees stay connected. 

Companies must consider:

  • Replicating encounters among colleagues
  • Building social capital
  • Maintaining team cohesion
  • Creating deep social connectivity

In many instances, the solution to these considerations is technology, which is why an IT consultant in Newport Beach is such a valuable part of transitioning to permanent remote work.

2. Supporting Health

Dealing with health challenges among staff has never been easy. Remote work makes it even more challenging. 

Companies must consider what they can do to help employees deal with remote work burdens and support the balance and separation of work and life. They need to put systems in place early on to support employees who are struggling with mental health issues. They should also consider physical health, especially if employees working outside of the home once had access to a corporate gym or other health benefits. Wellness initiatives are more important now than ever before. 

3. Workplace Tools

The workplace was where employees had access to all of the tools to do their jobs that they did not have at home. Even those who traveled or occasionally worked remotely were often at a disadvantage and had to wait until they were “back in the office” to deal with certain matters. 

Now, it is imperatives employees have everything they need at home to perform their duties. Companies must determine what role they’ll play in providing physical tools and equipment to employees to make the at-home environment comparable to what was available in an office and call on an IT consultant in Newport Beach to help them get up to speed.

Tech tools are also vital and programs like Zoom and Slack are necessities in our new remote working world. An IT consultant in Newport Beach can help you implement what your employees need to perform their jobs in this new environment. 

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