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6 Concerns Businesses Face with Remote Work and How You Can Overcome Them

IT Support in Newport BeachCOVID-19 has forced most businesses to completely change their approach.

Many have employees working from home for the first time. This brings new challenges and concerns, all of which IT support in Newport Beach can help you with. Finding a way to adjust is essential to your business’s success.

What are five of the most important issues you face when dealing with remote workers?

  1. There must be access controls in place that are capable of managing employee access to what they need.
  2. There must be sufficient network capacity that can handle the work-from-home demands.
  3. There must be multi-factor-authentication that improves security.
  4. Employees must have access to the tech they need at home, including computers, secure internet connections, and apps.
  5. There must be communicated boundaries and updates provided regularly.
  6. Teams must be encouraged to engage and the tech needed to support this engagement must be readily available.

In addition to many of the day-to-day concerns, there are also many technological challenges that IT support in Newport Beach can help businesses deal with. Many businesses were forced to scramble when the outbreak happened, but most have begun to catch up and are successfully implementing remote work opportunities for their staff. Some of the biggest challenges they managed to overcome include:

  • Managing the most sensitive data that must remain on internal servers
  • Using VPNs to access networks
  • Implementing videoconferencing that allows for face-to-face meetings for teams

Thankfully, there are numerous tools available that helped make these transitions easier and continue to allow for successful remote working opportunities.

Tools That Help With Managing Remote Work

IT support in Newport Beach can help you explore your options and make smart choices about the tools that can help you manage this unpredictable period in history.

It doesn’t matter if your business uses Windows or MacOS because both have built-in remote desktop clients that are effective for managing remote assistance. Windows’ Quick Assist even provides remote access for other Windows 10 devices. This type of tool allows for a team atmosphere even though workers aren’t face-to-face. But many businesses need additional assistance, which is why IT support in Newport Beach is so useful. Many need round-the-clock support, while others are looking for guidance concerning tech investments. 

Nobody is sure just how long our current situation will last.

Even after the risks associated with the virus have dissipated, many businesses will continue to have their employees work from home because it’s efficient and something employees benefit from. There’s no denying remote work is more popular than ever and will continue long after COVID-19 is a concern of the past. 

Having plans in place and understanding how to prioritize your needs is an essential part of managing a business successfully, now and in the coming months and years. IT support in Newport Beach can help you. Contact us by filling out a short form on our website to let us know how we can help!

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