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3 Things You Need to Know about Cybersecurity and Protecting Your Business

Cyber Security in Newport BeachAre You Interested in Cyber Security in Newport Beach? Here Are 3 Things You Need to Know about Cybersecurity and Protecting Your Business.

Not a day goes by that it seems there isn’t a new development in cyber security in Newport Beach. Whether it’s identifying new risks or finding ways to mitigate the damage caused by these risks, cybersecurity professional must be on top of the latest threats faced by businesses throughout the country and around the world.

Understanding what’s ahead and spotting trends can help you stay on top of challenges and ensure you have the strongest level of security possible. What are some of the biggest challenges in cybersecurity that businesses are facing today?

1. Artificial Intelligence and Other “Smart” Tech Poses a Big Threat

One of the most significant threats facing Newport Beach businesses is artificial intelligence and similar tech developments. These things can be incredibly helpful for business owners and help businesses operate more efficiently. They also make the customer experience more personalized, but they pose a threat to cyber security in Newport Beach.

The more interactive AI becomes the more useful it is, but this also means things like AI-driven chatbots can be leveraged to be nefarious. Hackers are using social engineering to trick people into making bad decisions when interacting with AI and this is only expected to get worse. Your business should not avoid using AI because it’s just too valuable, but you need to be mindful of the risks and responsibilities that come with these technological developments.

2. There are Too Few Experts Available to Protect Businesses

Despite cyber security in Newport Beach becoming more of a necessity, there continues to be a shortage of skilled experts to deal with the threats. It’s predicted that by 2021 there will be more than 3.5 million unfulfilled cyber security jobs. As a business owner, this means you might be scrambling to find people to join your team who can deal with the challenges you face. 

You’ll need someone who can protect your data and systems, but the simple fact is there aren’t enough people to handle demand. Cybercrimes are expected to cost $6 trillion globally within that same timeframe. It is considered the single greatest threat to humanity aside from nuclear weapons in our lifetime. A cyberattack could affect everything from the world’ water supply to electrical power to the financial industry and more. A significant attack could plunge the country into the dark ages if managed improperly.

The best thing you can do if you are concerned about cyber security in Newport Beach is to make sure you are working with a team of qualified and experienced individuals who understand your needs and concerns and can help you put your strongest defense system in place.

3. Organized Cyber Crime is an Increasingly Bigger Threat

Making matters even more complicated in the world of cyber security is the fact that the threats aren’t just from random hackers. Organized crime has found a way to capitalize on cyber security risks and there are now nation states behind many of today’s hacking groups. There is big money in hacking and people are employed 24/7 looking for ways around security systems. These hackers have the knowledge and budgets to find your vulnerabilities and exploit them. This is why cyber security in Newport Beach is so important.

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