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How to Make Remote Work Work For You

computer support in Newport BeachLove it or hate it, remote work has become a standard of offices across the country and here in Newport Beach.

But no matter how you feel about it, it can be easy to get burned out. All companies with computer support in Newport Beach need to be thoughtful with how they send employees home and encourage their teams to make healthy choices.

While your computer support team in Newport Beach may have tips to make sure your technology is productive, you want to make sure you have systems and advice in place to care for the mental health of your team. Follow these tips to make remote work actually work for you and your team, so you can keep it up for months to come. 

Stand Up

Without the natural distractions and appeals of the workspace (coffee maker, coworkers’ cubicle), you may find yourself sitting at your desk for longer stretches of time. Make time to get up and walk when possible – consider taking phone calls while on a walk! Or, consult your computer support team in Newport Beach to find a standing desk you can order to your home. Your back will thank you. 

Snack Smart

When working from home, it can be easy to forget to eat, feel starving, and raid your fridge or pantry for whatever you can find. Treat work from home like a normal workday, and prepare food ahead of time that you can enjoy for lunch. Stock your fridge with cut-up fruits and vegetables, prepared proteins and grains, and other foods for easy lunches and snacks.

Set Up a Separate Work Space

It may be tempting to settle into the couch or your bed when answering your emails. But if you want to stay productive, you probably shouldn’t. Set up a separate work space in your home wherever possible. Even if it’s the tiniest folding table and a folding chair in a corner of your room, having a place to “work” that’s different from where you spend your leisure time will make a big difference.

A computer support team in Newport Beach can help make suggestions on technology that helps make for a better workspace, including noise-canceling headphones, quality keyboards, and laptops that help you work most efficiently.

Be Flexible

While you of course want to stay productive while working from home, it’s okay to lean into your natural patterns of work. Need to take your lunch break for a walk in the woods? Go for it! Maybe you prefer to get your writing done in the early mornings or late evenings. If that’s what works best for you, make it happen. Embracing the work/life balance remote work can reward you.

If you’re concerned about losing track of your time, consider consulting a computer support team in Newport Beach for a recommended time tracking tool, like Toggl.

Set a Schedule

This may sound counterintuitive to “be flexible,” but giving yourself somewhat a schedule will help immensely. Set aside time for work and free time, and communicate it with your family if you need to curb distractions.

If you know ahead of time you’ll take a break from 3-3:30 to play with your kids, you can know you need to complete some work tasks before that break. 

Find Time to be Social with Coworkers

Creating a virtual water cooler will help you stay connected and social with your team. Your computer support team in Newport Beach should help set up a video conferencing or messaging tool to make this easier. Tools like Slack or Zoom can help you have virtual trivia games or happy hours, or set up meetings for different affinity groups. Consider making slack channels for every employee interest – book clubs, home chefs, adventure seekers, and more. 

Computer support should be a top priority for Newport Beach businesses, but so should mental health support! Encourage healthy behaviors from your team to make sure remote work is a sustainable method. If you need help to adjust your technology to meet your team’s work from home requirements fill out a short form and tell us more about your business!

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