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2019’s 5 Top Trends in Managed Services

IT Services In Newport Beach

These Are 5 Trends We Noticed For Managed Service In Newport Beach So Far In 2019.

Keeping track of trends for managed services in Newport Beach is a vital part of staying ahead of our competition. This is the case for business owners of all kinds, including those who use IT services in Newport Beach. Knowing what’s ahead in the upcoming year can help you make smart choices about your tech and maintain the edge you need for a successful business. What are five of the top trends you can expect to see in managed services in 2019?

1. A Security-first Approach

Cyberattacks have always been a threat to businesses, but that threat has increased in recent years. As technology infiltrates a greater number of aspects of our lives, there will be more areas for hackers to focus. Managed IT services in Newport Beach allow you to take a proactive approach to security. It gives you access not just to security solutions, but to defense and recovery mechanisms that can help you if your business is victimized.

2. Greater Emphasis on Providing Consultation Services

Managed service providers are offering a greater number of consultation services than they were in the past. This can help business owners make the best decisions and invest in the most effective products. For example, your managed services partner can help you with:

  • Compliance issues
  • Integrating new technologies
  • Process and workflow improvements
  • Technology and security training
  • Policy development and implementation
  • Planning for the long-term
  • Emergency response procedures

Managed services in Newport Beach encompasses all aspects of your business’s IT needs.

3. Utilizing the Cloud

More and more small businesses are turning to the cloud to enhance their business. Use of the cloud is being implemented for building new platforms, enhancing customer engagement, and meeting digital transformation needs. There are also a growing number of businesses upgrading their IT services in Newport Beach to include a multi-cloud approach. Benefits of transitioning to cloud computing include:

  • Dealing with fewer operational issues
  • Saving money
  • Investing less capital
  • Increasing team collaboration
  • Reducing the carbon footprint of your business

One of the best things about utilizing the cloud for your business is it’s always “on” and it allows for secure and simple transmission when you have employees traveling or working remotely. You don’t need to be physically near your business’s server to get the applications you need anywhere.

4. Implementing IoT and Blockchain

The Internet of Things (IoT) provides a number of opportunities, allowing your provider of managed IT services in Newport Beach to do even more for you. If your business has any interest in utilizing virtual reality or adopting AI technology – and it should – partnering with a managed services provider that understands and can implement these things for your business is essential.

5. Outcome-Based Services

Partnering with an expert in IT services in Newport Beach means you gain access to results-based outcomes that have predefined standards. “Full stack” service providers make it easier to predict IT support costs and bring someone on board as part of your team without having an in-house IT staff. Many managed service providers offer comprehensive packages that make them a “one-stop shop” that can offer a proactive approach to security, emergency and crisis management, and consulting services.

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