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5 Tips to Help Your Business Maintain Cybersecurity during the COVID-19 Pandemic

IT Support in Newport BeachIt shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that cybercriminals adjusted quickly to the shift to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic. IT support in Newport Beach worked overtime to help companies establish better security protocols and reduce vulnerabilities faced by so many people working from home. 

What are five things your business can focus on to maintain whatever security measures you’ve implemented and to boost security even further?

1. Take an Aggressive Approach to Cybersecurity

Your business must be equipped with remote support and be able to help workers who are no longer in the office. IT support in Newport Beach can help. Workers must have secure access to the data and productivity tools they need to work. Make sure that authorized users are the only ones accessing your systems and that adding and removing users is done by someone with a thorough understanding of cybersecurity issues. 

Operations must be streamlined and your workforce must feel confident that they can do their jobs as well remotely as they are able to do when they are in their traditional workplaces.

2. Make Employee Cybersecurity Education and Training a Top Priority

Educating your employees about the value of cybersecurity and making sure they have the training needed to implement the security measures you enact is essential. IT support in Newport Beach can help you design training programs and carry them out for your team. 

Every employee who transitioned to working remotely should have been provided with comprehensive training regarding the handling of sensitive data. If this hasn’t already occurred, now is the time. Ensuring that your team understands its responsibilities and is able to implement the security measures you’ve enacted is an important part of maintaining a successful remote work culture.

3. Provide Access to Helpdesk Support Services

It’s one thing to tell employees what’s expected of them when they are working from home. It’s an entirely different task to make sure they have access to the resources they need to help them when things don’t go as planned. Ideally, your business will offer 24-7 access to support so employees can deal with their issues and get their questions answered immediately. IT support in Newport Beach can provide you with the round-the-clock support you need for remote workers.

4. Consider What You Need to Do to Design and Implement a Permanent Remote Model for Your Team

If you’ve considered a scenario in which employees work from home permanently, even after the pandemic has subsided, you aren’t alone. Companies that had never considered remote work situations are now seeing them as a viable option. In some cases, it’s saving them money and it resulted in their teams being more productive. Many employees are the happiest working from home and businesses have found that it’s a successful model that offers a variety of benefits. If you think a permanent remote work scenario might be right for your business, IT support in Newport Beach can help you make it happen.

If you are looking for help maintaining your employees’ online security while working remotely fill out a short form and tell us more about your business. We’ll get back to you ASAP with how we can help!

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