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The Challenges of Supporting Virtual Workers with VPNs

Computer Support in Newport BeachThe Coronavirus pandemic has forced companies around the world to embrace new workplace standards.

This transition to remote work requires immense computer support in Newport Beach, as you must adopt new solutions and technologies.

One of the most important pieces of a secure remote workplace is a virtual private network or VPN. VPNs protect information sent between employees and businesses by creating secure web connections. VPNs are designed to allow remote access to an organization’s network through protocol tunneling and encryption technology. The global VPN market, which was valued at $15 billion in 2016, is set to grow from an estimated $20.6 billion in 2018 to nearly $36 billion in 2022

Unforeseen Challenges of VPNs 

VPNs have long been a solution for remote workplaces, but the coronavirus is bringing new challenges. For one, the sheer volume of employees working remotely has exponentially increased, and it’s unclear if these networks can handle the load. There was fear that VPNs would be overloaded by all the new traffic since typically VPNs are designed to be used by a subgroup of employees, not entire companies. 

These networks can also be expensive for small businesses, both in upfront costs and in time and resources spent training employees. Without the right computer support in Newport Beach, embracing this technology can be very challenging.

Personal Devices Increase Security Risks

One big concern for the large adoption of VPNs is a rush to use them in Bring-Your-Own-Device situations. According to experts, giving VPN access to workers using personal computers is extremely risky. While a VPN is able to encrypt data that’s in transit from one device to another, it cannot protect the remote employee’s device, where the data itself lives.

Your Newport Beach business needs computer support in order to safely adopt VPNs or any other solutions. Without other security measures and training, hackers can still access data on an employee’s device, especially if they are working on unsecured WiFi networks. 

By allowing employees to use their personal devices, IT teams cannot properly provide remote support to shut down attacks or assess risks. Personal devices also do not tend to have proper firewalls and antivirus software installed, causing other security breakdowns.

How to Create Secure Remote Workspaces

Many IT departments make complex workarounds in order to make VPNs work, which can minimize risk but are not cost-effective. However, this is not to say that computer support in Newport Beach cannot help businesses adopt VPNs. There are ways that this technology can be embraced safely and create a more secure network for sensitive data. 

First, businesses should use corporate-owned devices that are managed through the cloud to provide secure remote access. Consider supplying employees with corporate-owned laptops that are easy to transport but still secure.

Second, businesses with computer support in Newport Beach should license remote access solutions that are cloud-based and allow you to connect remotely without the need for VPN software.

Virtual VPNs Can Help Your Employees Succeed

Embracing remote workspaces can be challenging, but extremely rewarding, by being thoughtful in your technology decisions, you can create a secure network that is scalable and effective. If you need help deciding whether a VPN is the right move for your business in Newport Beach fill out a short form on our website. We’ll get back to you ASAP with what we think will be the best fit for your business.

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