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Why Choose Us Among Tech Companies in Los Angeles?

Connectivity is an important part of any business’s success today. When one of your employees is on the road, their device becomes their lifeline to the company. Mobile device management is essential for ensuring your connectivity stays longer and keeping sensitive corporate data confidential. With CMIT Solutions, you are able to monitor and manage application sessions, user and device identities, conduct user authentications, and even configure email and Wi‑Fi connections. Your IT team and network admins can also manage and configure group policy settings to mobile devices in Los Angeles.

With CMIT Solutions, all data leaks from mobile devices can be mitigated. With all the risks involved in setting up mobile access and allowing your mobile workforce to work freely from wherever they are, it is necessary to trust the technology you use. Being a local tech company in Los Angeles, we proactively identify and/or enforce control to prevent security risk.

What is Included in Mobile Device Management Plan?

Quicker Onboarding

When it comes to corporate data security, it’s always important to stay up-to-date with the latest cyber threats. One way to do that is by incorporating quicker onboarding throughout the company.

Robust Security Management

Robust security is the best way to protect your company’s data. This means ensuring that the device is not in the possession of the individual, which includes safeguarding the device at all times.

Efficient App Management

We keep an eye on app licenses so that they don’t lapse, but also making sure that employees can keep the professional tools they need to do their job.

Seamless Policy Management

Managing a BYOD policy can be a tricky thing. With us you get to leverage those tools that appropriately guarantee seamless policy management.

Comprehensive Post-Deployment Management

This includes ensuring that all devices are running the latest version of operating systems and patches, as well as periodic scanning of devices and remote troubleshooting of problems along with updating your inventory of devices and scheduling updates to operating systems.

Remote Service Management

CMIT Solutions has a team indulge into remote service management of clients to ensure your business never lacks any opportunity to work remotely. Hiring remote service management like CMIT Solutions is a great way to save money and make the most out of your current staff.

Meeting Compliance Regulations

We ensure that you meet all compliance and security regulations, enforce device data encryption, and have organization-wide policy enforcement.

Inventory Solutions

With CMIT Solutions, you can have automatic, real-time visibility into a device inventory, device reporting and assess management.

Mobile Device Management Plan

How Much Do Our Mobile Device Management Plan Cost?

Providing the newest, most secure devices to your employees while still maintaining enterprise-level security can be a challenge. With the right management platform, you can be assured that you are in compliance with any and all compliance regulations. There are a number of tools that are specifically designed to offer a seamless and secure provisioning process to your employees. You can also have a mobile device that offers your employees more productive, which can be helpful when your business is constantly moving.

The cost of this service is fixed. CMIT Solutions is undoubtedly budget-friendly and that is the secret behind our eclectic customer base. We value money, so people opt for CMIT Solutions in Los Angeles.

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What Does We as a Mobile Device Management Plan Provider Do?

There are any number of reasons why it’s important to consider mobile device management. One of the most common is the need to protect an employee’s privacy and integrity. You might think mobile security is just about preventing data leakage, but it also helps to protect your company’s network. Another important consideration is the safety of the device in case it gets lost or stolen.

  • Device security: We protect all securely managed devices using policies such as Antivirus, network firewalls, application and content controls, and patch management through regular updates to ensure compliance.
  • Remote Access: Remote access manages and secures: Packages provide secure remote access. Single sign-on capability securely allows access for teams and contractors.
  • Optimized Internet Connection: Device optimization monitors 4G LTE and WAN performance on Android, iPhone and iPad. We monitor data usage in MB and Kbits, ensuring that small businesses can be in control of their mobile expenses.
  • Manage Your Mobile Device: CMIT Solutions will provide the right infrastructure that you need to manage and secure your mobile devices. Seamlessly manage the entire end-to-end life cycle of all mobile devices and applications on Android and iOS.
  • Optimize Your Device Management Process: Depend on us to help you deploy mobile devices. Strategy, implementation, and ongoing management can be costly.
  • Prevent Data Leaks from Mobile Devices: 90% of employees think their employer has a right to closely monitor their actions at work. That doesn’t stop them from violating corporate policies, putting their employers at risk for spying.
  • Immediate access to all business applications: The business user will not need to browse to Secure Web In-Portal to access applications. Applications can auto-launch upon logging into the device.
Mobile Device Management Plan Provider
CMIT Solutions

How CMIT Solutions Helps Your Business?

Without Mobile Device Management (MDM), your users are more vulnerable to security threats that may see them fall victim to malware and other undesired applications.

Our MDM allows you to leverage the mobility of your employees without compromising security.

We enable the restriction of device features and apps (particularly when they are offline), wiping lost or stolen devices at your convenience, and encrypting data stored on the device.

We provide you the ability to have a record of devices for license maintenance, inventory tracking and warranty purposes, offer secure interaction with client information.

CMIT Solutions understand that the data is an asset for any business irrespective of size. Therefore, we keep it secured through our mobile device management strategy.

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What Makes CMIT Solutions Support Different?

Your CMIT Solutions team is part of a North American wide support network. Over 240 different locations and more than 1,000 technicians are available to support your business. Have multiple locations or key team members traveling? No problem. We can coordinate support to any location, and every member of the CMIT Solutions extended community uses the same business practices, management tools, and ticket tracking systems. Work flows seamlessly through our system for you.

The CMIT Promise

What are you looking for in an IT provider? Part of the CMIT Solutions culture is our commitment to service. Our CMIT Promise is this – we will be at your side until your problems are resolved and you are satisfied. We will defend your network, protect your data, eliminate chaos and be a true partner.


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“Our line of work is dependent on IT and we can’t have any downtime. CMIT has helped us grow from three employees to 20, and they’ve helped us manage our growth and begin working with remote employees, keeping us all connected.”

Michael Mills, President | Broadwing Aviation

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