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Managed Print Services

Be at peace with your printer.

More CMYK, Less Hassle

In a recent survey of office workers, 9 out of 10 said that their preferred tool for fixing their printer was… a sledgehammer.  Not really.  But most people have a complicated relationship with their printer.  When everything is working well, you may be able to produce some amazing results.  However, when your printer stops talking to your network, or you run out of ink with no spare cartridge, or you’re past deadline and each page seems to take an agonizing eternity to print, that’s when you might start daydreaming about vengeance.

CMIT Solutions of the Northeast Valley offers managed print services, including a certified technician to service your printer on a regular maintenance schedule and unlimited toner shipped directly to your door.  Contact us today to ask how you can include your printers in your suite of services, at flat-rate pricing you can afford.

Click "print" and forget.

In our perfect world, you’ll never even have to think about your printer.  You’ll always have ink and paper, you’ll always stay connected, and maintenance will take care of problems before they come up.  Let CMIT Solutions of the Northeast Valley take care of your printing needs so you can take care of your business.


We’ll help you evaluate your printing needs and choose a printer or multi-function device that’s right for you. We offer a full range of cost-effective and high-quality color options for sale or lease.


We actively monitor your printer’s performance, and our technicians will perform routine maintenance.  Toner will ship automatically to your office, right when you need it.


Depending on your needs, we’ll report to you monthly or quarterly on your print usage.  Our reporting helps you evaluate your return on investment and plan for future growth.

A locally-owned company
that’s everywhere you are.

What makes CMIT Solutions of the Northeast Valley unique?

We are a locally-owned small business with the reach and resources of a national firm.  We are part of a North American network with more than 160 locations. That means that if you have a multi-location business or employees that travel, we’ve got you covered.  In addition to our 24/7 remote support, if you need an on-site visit, chances are we have someone nearby.

Contact us today to find out how we can work together to keep your business growing.

The CMIT Solutions Promise

We promise to act as a true partner.  We will defend your network, protect your data, and manage your IT in a way that supports your business needs.  We commit to excellent service, and if there are problems, we will be at your side until they are resolved to your satisfaction.



“Our line of work is dependent on IT, and we can’t have any downtime.  CMIT has helped us grow our business… and they’ve helped us manage our growth and begin working with remote employees, keeping us all connected.”

— Michael Mills, President, Broadwing Aviation

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