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Is Your Data for Sale on the Dark Web?

The Dark Web: is that a real thing? Or just a scare tactic?
Unfortunately, it’s a real thing.  Hackers are relentless in using brute-force tools to crack passwords.  Security experts estimate that in 2019 alone, nearly 8 billion pieces of information were stolen.  Recent high-profile data breaches include the theft of account information from Marriott International, Nintendo, and the Small Business Administration.

What is the risk?
When digital credentials are compromised, they often end up as prized commodities for sale or trade on the Dark Web, a network of online communities often used for criminal activities.  Many people use the same user IDs and passwords on multiple sites.  Therefore, even one set of compromised digital credentials presents a real danger to that user and everyone with whom they do business.

How can I protect my business?
It all sounds a little scary, and it is — but it’s also manageable.  CMIT Solutions of the Northeast Valley deploys intelligent services that combine human review and automated scanning to scour the Dark Web for any stolen credentials related to your business.  If passwords are hacked, our network of technicians gets to work to mitigate any damage and protect your business.

The first step is knowing.
Take the first step in protecting your data and your business with a free Dark Web Report from CMIT Solutions of the Northeast Valley.  We’ll let you know if your credentials appear on the Dark Web, and what you can do about it.

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