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How to never buy another desktop, laptop, or tablet for your business again

Tired of purchasing expensive hardware just to upgrade a few years later? CMIT Solutions understands. It is extremely important for businesses to maintain up to date technologies in order to keep their business running and secure. However, with the coronavirus causing business owners to make difficult decisions to conserve cash, large purchases like upgrading outdated technology can get expensive. That’s where CMIT Solutions and DaaS comes in. Once you know what Device as a Service (DaaS) is all about, you’ll never buy another desktop, laptop, or tablet. Because DaaS is a better way to arm everyone in your organization with state-of-the-art devices, pre-loaded and customized with the software they need to thrive, and the services to support their devices – from cradle to grave.

What is DaaS?

DaaS stands for Device as a Service. Watch this 1-minute video, brought to you by CMIT Solutions of NW Columbus, for a concise definition and explanation of DaaS.

Device as a Service enhances everyone’s user experience with the latest and greatest technology available. It will delight your IT team because DaaS allows them to offload all of the mundane tasks associated with provisioning, configuring, maintaining, and supporting a fleet of devices. A typical DaaS “bundle” includes all of those services.

DaaS is also a bundle of joy for your accounting team because it eliminates the upfront costs of purchasing hardware and replaces budgetary uncertainties with a predictable, monthly subscription fee. CMIT Solutions of NW Columbus offers DaaS packages to suit your business needs and your budget. Join the DaaS revolution. It’s the end of hardware as you know it!

Never buy another desktop, laptop, or tablet for your business again.


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