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Why Choose Us Among Tech Companies in Oak Brook, Oak Park and Hinsdale?

Data protection is a key part of running a business. With GDPR around the corner, incorporating data protection measures into your company is becoming more and more important. Data protection is essential for any company that collects customer data. You are obligated to protect any personal information your company collects, and if you want to remain in business, it’s important you do so.

CMIT Solutions’ Data Protection Service helps you get the GDPR compliance you need by doing it for you. Our service is customized to work with your specific business, and we take the time to understand your company and what compliance requirements you need to meet. CMIT provides data protection services to organizations of all sizes and is committed to safeguarding the information we are entrusted with. We understand the importance of safeguarding your data, and strive to do so.

What is Included in Data Protection Services?

Data protection is essential for every company, regardless of size. Information theft is an issue that all businesses are increasingly vulnerable to. Considering how important your data is, it’s crucial to take action, and keep your software up to date. Data Protection Service includes the following:


Information rights management is a process that helps ensure the information is presented in the best way possible and is appropriate for the audience. It’s the process of deciding what an item is and who has the right to see it. When it comes to information rights management, we help companies by going over the type of information they want to share with their and determine what sectors, industries, and organizations should be able to see it.


Access governance, or access management, is about controlling who has access to what, making sure that your data is safe and, secure. Access governance is essential for global organizations that need to ensure confidence and trust across their workforce, to help eliminate the risks that arise from lack of data integration.


Data discovery and classification is important to both your quality of life and your company. It can improve the caliber of your work, and save your company’s time and money, keeping your mind at ease. By understanding which data is important and which data can be disregarded, you’re actually improving the organization of said data, greatly increasing the efficiency of your company.


Data loss prevention is an important issue for a number of businesses. Whether for external or internal security, data protection is a priority. Data loss prevention takes a multilayered approach to data protection. This may include the use of firewalls, encryption software, encryption device, or a network-based solution to detect and block sensitive information leaving the organization.


Data masking is the process of scrubbing data so that the information is meaningless to any outside entities. The goal is to protect it from hackers, malware, system errors, or anything that might accidentally damage the data. Masking also ensures that the data are transferred securely to the right parties. Data encryption on the other hand, is the process of encoding information, usually held in storage or in transit. This prevents it from being read by people other than the sender or receiver.

How Much Does Our Data Protection Services Cost?

Data is very important and we want you to be protected. We can arrange for a data protection service that will use the latest software to secure it, and offer a range of plans that, regardless of the amount of information, will give you the peace of mind that you need.

CMIT Solutions is budget-friendly, supplying packages that give you access to top security services at affordable costs.

data security
data protection

What we do as a Data Protection Service?

Data is the lifeblood of business. It defines everything, from how our business is structured to the services we produce. CMIT Solutions’ data protection services make sure your data doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. CMIT guarantees your information’s security and privacy, and makes sure the data you work with is safeguarded from any vulnerability. Your data is valuable. Your organization, the people who work for it, and the clients who buy from it and depend on the information your company stores. Treat it with the utmost care.

We offer:

We have been offering top security certifications to businesses and individuals with a variety of processes to protect your data. These include:

  • Safeguarding your data against accidental disclosure.
  • Protecting from data breaches.
  • Protecting identity documents, card data, medical and healthcare records, and even data like airline tickets and travel arrangements.

We work with professionals, offerings technical expertise to implement new strategies and provide guidance in the field for those who have questions about maintaining the proper level of data protection.

How Do CMIT Solutions Help Your Businesses?

Businesses are the backbone of the economy. They are responsible for generating jobs, goods, and services. These are a huge part of what makes communities. Because of this, businesses are responsible for collecting lots of sensitive data including credit card information, contact lists, emails, and addresses. Companies are legally bound to make sure this information is safe, making data protection services more important than ever.

Data protection is essential for businesses of any size. You should be careful about backing up your data, with at least one backup being off-site. Ideally, you should have three different backups- so should sometimes catastrophic happen, you can recover files. But with CMIT Solutions by your side, all these worries can go out of the window. CMIT offers an extra level of protection, with data encryption and anti-virus software to keep your information backed up, even supplying and protected data compliance, and data analytics. For this reason, CMIT remains one of the best options to keep you, and your client’s private information safe.

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