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3 Ways a Business’s Security Can Be Compromised

Data Security in Oak BrookData security in Oak Park might be more important than you think. In today’s business world, technology infiltrates every aspect of an operation. From customers placing orders to managing schedules to keeping an up-to-date inventory, we use IT for everything. Did you know that every aspect of your business is at risk of compromise because of technology? Focusing on ways to keep your business and its data safe starts with educating yourself on where your security could be compromised and how. Here are three ways your business could fall victim to a cyberattack.

  1. Employees. One of the top ways you may experience a compromise in data security in Oak Park is as a result of your employees – past or present. Current employees may compromise your systems unknowingly through opening or downloading nefarious emails and links that can unleash infections. In addition to carelessly opening suspicious attachments and emails, uneducated employees can be frivolous with password security – either through using the same password over and over, not changing passwords frequently, or using easy ones. It’s important to train current employees in IT safety protocol and procedures to protect your business. Another way your businesses data security in Oak Park can be compromised is through former employees who hold a grudge. Once an employee severs their relationship with the company, you must take steps to ensure they know longer have access to important information. This may mean changing passwords across the company’s systems, destroying their access items like keycards, and monitoring your accounts. You never know what information they could’ve taken on their way out.
  2. Old Software. Another thing that can severely compromise your business is outdated software. Working with a firm that provides data security in Oak Park is an easy way to ensure your systems are up to date and protected. Running a system with outdated or old software makes your entire business vulnerable to attack. If your IT department isn’t frequently installing updates and patches to any software your organization uses, you might be at a greater risk of attack. New viruses and malware are created every day and if your systems don’t have the updates to protect against them, you’re in trouble.
  3. Cyber Criminals. That brings us to cyber criminals. The number one way your business can be compromised is through a breach in data security at the hands of cyber criminals. These are the people (or organizations) that feed on unsuspecting or unprepared business owners through hacking into their systems to retrieve precious data. You can experience a cyber attack through malware, viruses, a denial of service (when hackers take control of your systems for ransom), spyware, phishing, or worse.

The only way to truly protect yourself and ensure data security in Oak Park is to work with a trusted IT partner. Whether or not you have an in-house IT team, working with a professional IT company can give you an extra layer of security against these dangerous scenarios. A company like CMIT Solutions works with businesses to determine their needs, execute a plan, and become a partner in IT and data security. Contact us today to find out more.

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