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Our areas of specialization

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Our Areas of Specialization

CMIT Solutions offers comprehensive support for small business IT in Oak Park, Oak Brook, and Hinsdale. Each of our offices is local and provides the complete suite of CMIT Solutions services and products. We invested in a number of areas of specialization in our Oak Park, Oak Brook, and Hinsdale office in an effort to better provide what our clients in that area needed. Additionally, we have access to our network of support that spans North America. We’re able to provide the IT support and services your small business needs when and where they are needed.

We take pride in the expertise and experience we’ve accumulated over the years. We’re able to provide the most up-to-date support with cybersecurity protection, data backup, and business recovery, as well as comprehensive IT management. We’ve made an effort to invest in our staff and ensure they are able to provide the best service possible. Our goal is to be more than a help desk or company that offers occasional IT support. We’ll be a partner and provide small business IT in Oak Park, Oak Brook, and Hinsdale that truly makes your business better and helps it grow.

We are part of a larger system.

We consider each of our offices a local business, but with access to a network of support that is spread throughout North America. Our system includes more than 200 locations and over 750 technical employees. This means if someone in our local office isn’t able to provide exactly what you need, someone in our network can. Furthermore, everyone in our network works within a consistent and organized system and uses the same business practices and ticketing program, so you won’t feel as though you’ve been passed into a completely different system. We’re a provider of small business IT in Oak Park, Oak Brook, and Hinsdale, but with a support network of our own that spans the continent.

Another benefit of being part of a larger system? We’re able to invest in our people. CMIT Solutions has the resources needed to provide training and growth opportunities for our staff, which means we’re able to go above and beyond what other IT support providers can offer. We think our people are the best at what they do and we want you to feel the same way. Partnering with a provider of small business IT in Oak Park, Oak Brook, and Hinsdale can help you take your business to the next level. Let us be a part of that.

When was the last time you wished you had access to a local technical expert that cared about your business? And would work to make your business grow? Maybe it’s time to meet one today. Contact us. We’ll come right over.

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CMIT Solutions of Oak Park, Hinsdale and Oak Brook

Phone number 708-919-5132
Address 1010 Lake Street
Suite 200
Oak Park, IL 60301

Providing IT Services and Support for Oak Park, Hinsdale and Oak Brook, IL
and surrounding areas of Forest Park, Riverside, Brookfield, Elmhurst, Westchester, River Forest and Near West Suburbs including:

60301 60302 60304 60305 60126 60130 60154 60513 60521 60523 60526 60546


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