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Getting Hacked Through Mobile Apps

Smartphones are a central component in many of our lives. They are the device we use to access emails, banking, and to stay connected to family and friends. With the popularity of mobile devices at an all-time high, it’s no surprise that they have become the target of online hackers, making phone security a priority. Pittsburgh business owners can trust in CMIT Solutions for phone security methods that can keep their company information safe from hackers

How Hackers are Gaining Access to Your Phone

These hackers use malware to access the user’s location information, photos, message contents, and more. In many cases, this malware is downloaded from non-official sources such as a malicious website or phishing links that are sent to users via text message or email which is why it is essential to download applications from official app stores such as Google Play.

Common malware affecting mobile devices includes:Phone Security Pittsburgh

  • Spyware that monitors the device’s content.
  • Programs that use your device’s bandwidth for a botnet to send spam.
  • Phishing screens that can steal your login information even when using a compromised, official app.

The rise of mobile malware can be primarily accredited to the increase in nefarious individuals or organizations who are trying to break into the mobile devices of a person of interest. These entities put the malware out there, allowing other criminals to exploit devices that have been compromised.

Signs that Your Mobile Phone May Have Been Hacked

Slow Performance

If your phone has been experiencing freezing or app crashing, this could be caused by malware that is clashing with your other applications or that is overloading the resources on your phone. Some apps may also continue to run after you’ve tried to shut them off or your phone may crash or restart completely.

A Decrease in Battery Life

If your phone has been compromised by malware, it will begin to show signs of a decreased battery lifespan. This is because the spy app or malware is draining the battery resources to scan your devices and send the information back to the criminal’s server.

Unusual Account Activity on Your Accounts

When your phone is hacked, the hacker has access to the accounts on your phone. This includes anything from banking apps to social media apps. Common signs of unusual activity include emails you didn’t send, resetting a password, seeing the verification code in your inbox for a new account you didn’t create.

What to Do If You Think Your Phone Has Been Hacked

If you’ve noticed that your mobile phone is experiencing these issues, you can download a mobile security app such as Avast or Lookout that can provide you with protection from malware. The best way to rescue your phone and data from a hack is to prevent the hack before it can begin.

At CMIT Solutions, we offer mobile device management and several cybersecurity solutions to ensure Pittsburgh business owners can effectively protect their company data from hackers. Contact us today to learn more!


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