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How Cyber Criminals Can Access Your Network

As a small business owner, you may see the massive data breaches and think that hackers only go after the high-profile companies like Facebook, so you may not have put too much thought into your company’s network security. According to the National Cyber Security Alliance, 70% of hackers target small businesses as victims for their cybercrimes.

With this in mind, it is crucial to reevaluate your company’s cybersecurity measures. Pittsburgh companies can work with CMIT Solutions to improve their cybersecurity, while also following these tips to make their networks more secure.

How Do Hackers Access My Information?Internet Security Pittsburgh

The tools, such as tactics and software that are available to hacker are always advancing and changing. Some of the most common tools that hackers still use are ransomware, phishing, and guessing user passwords, making it relatively easy for them to easily steal from small business all across the world.

Protecting Your Company’s Information Through Education

Hackers can threaten the entire existence of your small business. A data breach can lead to detrimental money loss and can force you to close your business due to a lack of funding. The livelihood of your business hangs in the balance without adequate security measure in place to protect your company.

To better protect your company, you can first start by educating yourself and your employees on the various tactics hackers use to steal data. Teach your staff to be cautious of emails from unknown senders, to check the actual destination of the hyperlink before clicking on it, and to verify the email with the sender if the emails states it is from them but has a different email address. It is also vital that you and your staff avoid sharing personal information or passwords via email if it can be avoided.

Being vigilant and having a healthy suspicion of emails and attachments from unknown senders can help keep your company’s data safe.

IT Security Services to Keep Your Business Safe

In addition to staying educated and up to date on hacking tactics, one of the best ways to ensure the safety of your company’s information is to utilize the services of a managed service provider who has extensive experience in defending against cyber threats. CMIT is your top IT Solutions Provider in Pittsburgh when it comes to cybersecurity.

At CMIT, we offer multi-layered security defense to ensure that as threats continue to change, you remain protected. With this approach, we focus on:

  • Maintaining a strong network perimeter that includes a managed firewall, active network management, and network inspections
  • Proactively monitoring your systems with anti-malware and anti-virus software, DNS filtering, and anti-spam protection

We also offer security training for your staff to help them serve as the first line of defense against cyber attacks within your company. We can work with you to asses your cybersecurity needs, eliminate severe security risks and provide on-going monitoring and management of your cybersecurity defenses. Contact us today to learn more about we can help keep your business safe from hackers.


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