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How to Conduct Virtual Meetings

With the COVID-19 pandemic still at the forefront of many of our lives, many businesses have chosen to remain working virtually. This means telecommuting, using instant messaging apps, and other tools as well as conducting virtual meetings.

There are a few basic ways to improve your virtual meetings. These include turning your camera on when everyone else in the meeting has theirs on, keeping your background distractions limited, and muting your microphone when you are not speaking.

There is much more to only meeting etiquette to these basic tips, and in many cases, we are all still working on best practices for virtual meetings. At CMIT Solutions, we’ve put together tips on how you can keep your virtual meetings effective and respectful during this telecommunication period.

Virtual MeetingIf you set the meeting up, be sure to take charge

Like with any meeting, getting started can be awkward. If you’ve put the meeting together, be proactive in introducing participants, managing the meeting schedule, presenting the topics and matters for discussions, and putting the next steps or follow-ups in place.
Stay organized with an agenda.

To keep the meeting organized and ensure that your time and the time of those in attendance are used efficiently, an agenda is a must. By offering a list of topics to discuss and sharing it with everyone prior to the meeting, you will all have a common agenda to work from and stay on track with.

Connect to the meeting early

After you’ve chosen the device you are using for the virtual meeting, connect to the virtual meeting early. This will give you time to handle any connectivity or other tech issues you may encounter before others join the call.

Look at your camera when speaking

It can be easy to forget to look at the camera when speaking to your colleagues during the meeting, but it is crucial to do so. By looking at the camera when you are speaking, it appears to your colleagues that you are looking directly at them.

Avoid multitasking

Of course, multitasking is an essential part of our daily lives, but it is not recommended during a virtual meeting. Following the thread of conversation in a remote meeting take more effort, so it is best to save the emails or typing for after the meeting concludes.
Utilize face-to-face connections.

While audio calls work, video calls are shown to be much more productive. Reading body language and visual cues allow a conversation to be more natural and allows both parties to feel more present and focused.

Share a good

If you have time, you can start the meeting off on a light note by asking all the participants to share a good about their day. This can help put people in a more positive mindset and set the tone for the meeting amidst the negativity and uncertainty we are all experiencing.

Take time for informal chats

Another way to inject positivity into the telecommuting environment is to make time for informal chats outside of the regularly scheduled meetings and calls with your colleagues. Since we can chat during lunch or swap fun weekend stories over coffee, we need to stay connected outside of our work meeting to maintain that normalcy and inspiration that many of us may be missing while working from home.

Support for Your Business During COVID-19

At CMIT Solutions, we provide Pittsburgh businesses with a wide range of expert security and support services to ensure your telecommuting operations are safe and secure for your company and our employees. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your virtual office.


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