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How to Protect Yourself with Mobile Device Management

How to Protect Yourself with Mobile Device Management

Many companies are filled with employees using mobile devices daily. From tablets to mobile phones, these devices can come in handy for completing a variety of job tasks. Because mobile device use is so common, especially with small businesses, many companies fail to see the threat that mobile devices can pose to their company. If these devices not being managed securely, they make your company’s data and network vulnerable.

One wrong click on a mobile phone or tablet could infect your network or compromise your company’s data. It’s crucial to handle mobile devices with the same policies and security as your desktops and laptops.

What is Mobile Device Management (MDM)? Mobile Device Management Pittsburgh

Mobile device management is a software used by IT administrators to secure, control, and enforce company policies on devices such as tablets, smartphones, and other endpoints. MDM is used to optimize the security and functionality of mobile devices, while also protecting the corporate network.
Mobile device management is a significant part of enterprise mobility management (EMM) which includes:

  • Mobile application management
  • Enterprise file sync and share
  • Identity and access management

How does Mobile Device Management Work?

This type of device management works through endpoint software called an MDM agent and an MDM server. The MDM server can be located on the premises, or it can live on the cloud.

An IT administrator will configure policies through the mobile device management’s console. The server pushes these policies to the MDM agent on the devices. Once this is complete, the MDM agent applies the policies to the device through communication with the APIs that have been built into the device’s operating system.

MDM products support tablets and smartphones, as well as macOS computers, Windows 10 and some internet of things devices. Standard features of mobile device management products include:

  • Password enforcement
  • Data encryption enforcement
  • Remote wipe
  • App blacklisting and whitelisting

Mobile Device Management Services for Your Business

At CMIT Solutions of Pittsburgh South, we offer expert mobile device management and IT support services for Pittsburgh businesses. We can secure your phone or tablet while protecting the integrity and privacy of your employees’ personal devices and keeping the business data safe and separate. We can help you simplify IT with our comprehensive services such as:

Selection. We can evaluate your current mobile management needs, recommending a device that works for you.
Support. Our MDM can be implemented by downloading an app allowing you to find a phone, lock a phone or restrict access more easily.
Manage. We will keep track of your monthly mobile device management stats and include them in your monthly technology review to ensure you know what your staff needs.

CMIT Solutions of Pittsburgh South is the leader in IT support services and internet protection in Pittsburgh. Contact us today to learn more about our mobile device management services.


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