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Is my Backup Secure?

Backing up your data is crucial to protecting valuable information for your business. Regular backups ensure that you have a copy of your data in the event that it becomes lost due to natural disasters, fire, theft, accidental deletion, virus infections, hardware failure, or other incidents.

Computer Failure How to Keep Your Data Safe

Because your workstation or server drives can hold a large amount of data, losing it through any of the risks mentioned earlier in the article could be disastrous for your business, causing interruptions to your operations and costing you thousands or more to recover.

To prevent this stress, it is important to be diligent when it comes to keeping your data safe. With backups, you can keep a copy of your data and store it somewhere secure other than just on your computer’s hard drive.

When you perform the first backup of your data, you will complete a full backup. For future backups, they can be incremental where only the files you have added or make changes to since your last backup will be stored.

No matter how you choose to back up your data, it is crucial to have a plan. This plan should include:

  • Having a place to store your external hard drive that is separate from all other computers. This will protect a copy of your data if there is an event such as a fire or theft.
  • Measures in place for a total loss of data in the event of loss or theft of a computer that contains all your business data.
  • Utilizing password protection on your backup method if available. This will help keep sensitive information private.


Backup Methods to Avoid

When choosing a backup method, you want to avoid certain ones that could be lost or easily overwritten. For example, USB backups are not as secure as other methods because they don’t have any type of encryption to keep your data safe. Another reason a USB is not as effective because it can be easily damaged or lost, and it also doesn’t offer as much space for storage as other methods.

Another backup method to avoid is a cloud storage program or file sync and share. These methods will save your files, but they will not provide you with a full backup for your computer. They also subject to file overwriting and have not protections against file deletion, putting you at risk for major data loss

Strategic Computer Backup Services for Your Business

At CMIT Solutions of Pittsburgh South, we offer our expertise to help you create a plan to protect your data by determining your high-risk areas. This helps us in determining your needs for data backup and protection. Our experienced team will implement the most effective combination of software and hardware and will also run tests to ensure your business data is safe.

Another way we keep your data protected is by managing your backups, data, and we will be prepared to resolve any issues that you may have. By utilizing professionally managed data backups and protection, you can keep your company’s data safe.

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