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Is My Computer Backed Up?

You can lose your data in a number of ways, from cyber attacks and hardware failure to one of the most common reasons, human error. While it is important to back up your data, you also have to make sure that the method you choose to back up your computer is secure.

Make Sure Your Backup is Secure

Computer backupWhile there are a variety of methods you can use to back up your computer, not all methods are created equal. Every method has a different level of difficulty to use, and each offers a different level of protection.

We recommend a method that will protect your files from major risk factors that is user-friendly and will help you recover the data you need without the hassle. It is important to keep in mind that even if you have a backed-up computer, it does not mean that it is secure.

Methods such as a hard drive or USB are not secure because there is no encryption involved with these methods to keep the data safe. A USB can easily be lost or damaged, and they offer limited space for file backup. External hard drives are also at risk for damage and file loss and are not automatic, so you may forget to back up important data.

Cloud storage programs or file sync and share save your files but are not full backups for your computer and are subject to file overwriting. They also do not protect your files from deletion, which can result in major data loss.

Computer Back-Up Strategies for a Safer Business

For businesses that are serious about preventing data loss, it is recommended that you create a disaster recovery strategy. Your data is a critical part of your business that is under attack by natural disasters, user errors, and malicious attacks that can halt your daily operations.

At CMIT Solutions of Pittsburgh South, we can help you formulate a plan to determine the high-risk areas of your business and determine your needs for data backup and protection. We will also implement the right combination of hardware and software, set up your backups, and run tests to ensure you have what is needed to protect your data.

We will also manage your backups, data and will be ready to resolve any problems you may have. With professionally managed data protection and backups, you can rest assured that your company’s precious data is safe. Contact us today to learn more!


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