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What are the different types of cybersecurity?

Living in the ever-evolving digital age, it is essential to make sure your cybersecurity is up to par. Hackers, accidents, power outages, and human error all threaten to expose or lose your critical business data. Sound cybersecurity policies and procedures can help protect and recover your information, keeping the sensitive data of your business safe.

What is Cybersecurity?

Cyber security is the practice of protecting the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of information or data. It is the ability to protect your information from hackers and criminal groups through application and network security; as well as the ability to recover data lost due to a power outage or a hard drive failure, through business continuity and disaster recovery planning.
Information is fragile and should be protected through effective and strong cybersecurity controls. For Pittsburgh business owners, it is important that your management supervises system builds to ensure they are built to proper security standards and that employees are trained properly to follow security protocols.

Types of Cybersecurity

Application security
The weakest technical point of attack is application security (AppSec). Web applications security is particularly vulnerable. Effective AppSec begins with secure coding practices and should be increased through fuzzing and penetration testing.

Network security
This type of security protects against unauthorized outside access as a well as malicious insiders. Keeping your network secure will typically come with trade-offs. For example, you may use access controls like firewalls, virtual private networks (VPNs), or two-factor authentication, but these may slow down productivity.
Network security tools generate a large amount of data, causing valid alerts to be missed. For more accurate monitoring, consider using machine learning to flag abnormal traffic that generates alerts to threats immediately. You can also take advantage of CMIT’s cybersecurity assessments to identify potential vulnerabilities and expert security monitoring solutions to keep your information secure.

Critical infrastructure
This area of cyber security includes the physical systems that your business and our society rely upon such as the:
• The hardware that makes up your workstations, servers, telephony, and network
• Electricity Grid
• Water Privation System
• Traffic Lights
• Hospitals
For example, if you plug a power plant into the internet, it becomes susceptible to cyber-attacks. Organizations responsible for critical infrastructure should perform their due diligence to understand the vulnerabilities they face and protect against them.
As a business owner, it is important to evaluate how an attack on the critical infrastructure you depend on could affect your data. Developing a contingency plan in the event the critical infrastructure is compromised is an important aspect of cybersecurity.

Cloud security
With the popularity of the cloud, a whole new set of security challenges were created. Even as cloud providers create new security tools to help users keep their data secure, 2017 still saw almost weekly data breaches due to poorly configured cloud instances.
Keep in mind that moving your company’s data to the cloud is not a cure-all for performing due diligence when it comes to effective cybersecurity.
Internet of things (IoT) security

This type of security refers to a range of critical and non-critical cyber-physical systems. Examples include:Cyber Security Pittsburgh
• Sensors
• Printers
• Security Cameras
IoT devices like this typically ship in an insecure state, while offering little to no security patching, causing these devices to often find themselves as part of a botnet. This brings difficult security challenges to businesses, home users and society.


Effective Security Solutions for Pittsburgh Businesses

At CMIT Solutions of Pittsburgh South, we understand that your security needs are unique. Using our security expertise, IT background, and a multi-layered approach, we can evaluate your business and develop custom security solutions to protect your business. We offer a wide range of security and IT support services to businesses through the Pittsburgh area.
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