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Small Businesses are at Risk of Cyber Attack, Too

Cyber Security in Pleasanton GraphicWhen it comes to cyber security in Pleasanton or the surrounding areas of Dublin and Livermore, you may not think you need to worry about it if you own a small business. However, that idea could put your business at serious risk of attack. Did you know that half of all cyberattacks are targeted at small businesses? That number may shock you. Many small business owners think that since they perhaps don’t see as much revenue as mega corporations, that hackers have no interested in their information. But hackers love preying on small businesses. In today’s world, data is practically currency and small businesses have just as much valuable data as their larger counterparts. To the benefit of cyber criminals, small businesses also tend to have less stringent security which makes them easier targets even for the relatively inexperienced hacker. Hackers seek out small businesses for the following reasons:

Gateway Businesses

Small businesses can serve as a gateway to larger businesses. Since small businesses supply larger enterprises with their goods and services, that means that valuable information is located within their system. When you have weak cyber security in Pleasanton, your business can be targeted, and a domino effect can ensue. Information contained within your network about your larger customers can be easily accessed and used for nefarious purposes if your security isn’t tight enough. As an example, Target was the victim of a huge data breach as a result of an HVAC contractor’s weak security.

In addition to getting access to larger corporations, small businesses can put other small businesses at risk, too. Since small businesses frequently support each other, they can all be treasure troves of information for cyber criminals. Once they get into one, they have easier access to the rest of them.

Looser Security

Speaking of easy access, hackers love small businesses because of their loose security. Again, many small businesses don’t think they need to have the kind of cyber security that large corporations invest in. Hackers know this and specifically prey on small businesses. Often, small business owners are trying to be jacks of all trades and handle their own IT needs or push the responsibility off onto an inexperienced employee. They tend to have less money to spend on cyber security, which puts them at significant risk.


Unless you’re a trained IT professional offering cyber security in Pleasanton, Dublin, or Livermore, you likely don’t know exactly what it takes to protect your small business. Cyber criminals know that, too. They target small businesses because they know that whatever simple security is in place can be easily overtaken. Often, small businesses don’t even know they’ve been a victim of an attack. By the time they realize it, there’s no way to really tell who did it which means prosecution is unlikely. Hackers know they’ll likely never get caught if they target small businesses while focusing on large corporations is much more dangerous for them.

Small businesses are the low-hanging fruit in the cyber security world. If you own a small business, you need to focus on cyber security in Pleasanton, Dublin, and Livermore right now. CMIT Solutions offers comprehensive cyber security packages backed by a nationwide network of IT professionals. Don’t leave your business at risk and contact us today!

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