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A Fresh Look At IT Directory Services

(oh, and single sign-on, policy management, Radius authentication, device management and……..)

Cloud Storage in PortlandCompanies who have been using information technology for many years have grown up in the Microsoft ecosystem and are very familiar with the integration of Microsoft Office with Exchange for email, all hung together using a central service called Active Directory. Active Directory (known as AD) provides the lookup service for all the people in your company and the policies that affect all their systems.

But there is a new generation of companies who have been born into the cloud computing era and who by-passed the status quo of Microsoft in favor of services like Google’s G Mail/G Suite and who leveraged cloud software like Adobe Creative Cloud and storage services like Box or DropBox.

So, how and where do they get cloud directory services? 

The answer we find is a product called JumpCloud.

JumpCloud is a cloud-based directory, policy management, and single sign-on service that integrates with a swath of different cloud services, include Box, DropBox, Office 365, G Suite, GoToMeeting, and many others. It allows for sophisticated IT management to be delivered inexpensively but with great flexibility and power.

Even better, JumpCloud does not charge for the first ten users, which allows for risk-free trials and prototyping of a JumpCloud environment.

Put simply, if you are cloud-oriented in your IT, but looking for some “glue” to pull your security and systems administration together, take a look at JumpCloud. CMIT Solutions of Portland Central is here to help you, so if you want to find out more about the benefits of JumpCloud and why we like working with them, take a look here:

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