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Is getting a good snapshot of your IT setup and security worth half an iPhone?

Most businesses start off with a clear view of their IT and a simple set up. However, by the time they get to ten or more people, things start to get complicated. More desktops or laptops, wifi that needs to span multiple rooms, print drivers that need updating, security considerations like virus definitions, firewalls and many other things. After a while it is easy to lose sight of what you actually have installed, as well as how old it is, how secure it is and whether it is really serving your business.

Everyone starts off with the best intentions, but it is a little like that chest of drawers, where everything is neatly organized at first, but soon starts to look like this:

Which is perhaps is the IT equivalent of looking like this!!:

So, how can you find out what IT assets you have, in an easy, secure and effective way? How can you answer the burning questions like how many physical and virtual servers you have, are they patched at the latest security levels, and is your network safe? CMIT Solutions of Portland Central offers a complete IT inventory, including a security assessment, for only $500, which is roughly half the cost of on iPhone X.

An IT inventory and security assessment for half the cost of the phone in your pocket? Call us on 503 4776426 or email to learn more.


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