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IT Solutions in Portland Need Harmony Too

Anyone who knows me well knows that music is my thing and that I love to listen but also mostly just love to play! Give me a keyboard, set of drum sticks or something to strum and I am away! I am lucky to have had friends throughout my life who share this passion and allow me to join them in this pursuit.

It has always struck me how many musicians there are in the IT technical community – maybe it is the fact the music has an internal “logic” that has to be followed, and if there is anything that speaks to tracking down an IT problem, it is a logical diagnosis!

Music is about the harmonious combination of elements, such as drums, keyboard, bass and guitar. A band playing tightly together is a mighty thing! But, if someone plays in the wrong key, or the drummer loses the beat, then the experience starts to become far less pleasant!

So, how does this all relate to CMIT Solutions? Well, I would argue that a well-designed IT system also needs “tuning” and a suitably harmonious combination of elements. A well-designed system, has the performance, networking capacity, security protections and end user service levels all working together to give your staff an uninterrupted work day and no IT complaints!!

That is our goal as a business and my goal as a musician – harmony everywhere! At CMIT Solutions we practice what we preach – get your business in tune today with our IT Solutions in Portland!

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