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Meeting Misery

CMIT Solutions of PortlandMust We Have Meeting Misery?

I cannot count how many times I have entered a conference room excited to present a valuable insight to my client, only to have that energy and momentum dissipated by not having the right cable, Wi-Fi password, video software or some other soul crushing interruption to the start of the meeting. My favorite result of this is crawling under the conference room table trying to disentangle the cables, or find the power socket, and to have the client executive introduced to me via the sight of my backside!

I suspect I am not alone in this!

If your firm regularly presents or video-conferences on-line then you know the productivity and brand reputation impact of starting meetings late or having poor audio or video connections. It does not need to be this way! A carefully defined and documented on-line meeting strategy can ensure your staff enter that meeting knowing what to do, and how to present the professional image your company should deliver to your clients and partners. Call or email us to get out of meeting misery!

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