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CMIT Guardian

Is anything more important than your company data?

Professional data recovery and business protection.

Many of our current clients came to us after a prior data backup system failed. Everyone likes to think they have a reliable data backup, but it takes more than software or an appliance to protect your data and your business. Most businesses are missing a professionally managed data backup and business continuity plan, and they don’t know it until it is too late. If you want to know if your current system is serving you well, ask yourself these questions. When was the last time you recovered data? How did it go? Was your data recovered? How long did it take? Do you have a repeatable process for recovering your data and your business should the unthinkable happen?

Most of our current clients thought they did until it mattered. Nobody wants to admit they may have a flawed process or substandard tool. We will manage your data backups like we are handling the crown jewels. Because nothing is more important to the success of your business.

Why is a professionally managed backup important?

Knowing what you need isn’t that simple. We can help you consider your recovery point objective and recovery time. We help you protect all of your data at a reasonable cost. Once we have your process defined, we will implement and manage the data. Every. Single. Day. We provide enterprise class data protection and business continuity support at a price any business can afford.

A professionally managed data backup is your best protection against ransomware. Let us set your business up with right data backup and business continuity plans for your business, no matter what size or industry. All it takes is one thirty minute meeting.

CMIT Guardian and Professional Data Backup and Business Continuity

CMIT Guardian has two primary goals – protecting your business data and protecting the continuity of your business operations.  When the unexpected happens, we help you focus on re-establishing normal operations as quickly as possible. One of the advantages of CMIT Guardian is the service which we wrap around our technology. We offer a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan with every CMIT Guardian installation.

Disaster Recovery Plan

We offer a data recovery plan with every CMIT Guardian service plan. We will help you prepare for any business or data emergency. We right-size the plan for your business. You’ll have a recipe for recovering your business as well as your data.

Data Encryption

We provide maximum security when backing up to and restoring from the cloud. We encrypt your data both at rest and in transit to the offsite data center. Data is first packaged to ensure that bandwidth is minimized during transmission. The data is then encrypted using a unique 256-bit AES encryption key to ensure that it cannot be accessed by others.

Professional Management

We will monitor each data backup job. If a job does not complete, we will restart the job. We will inspect your backup data sets and execute a backup test to assure your data can be recovered and restored.

Ransomware Protection

With CMIT Guardian, you have the best line of defense against ransomware attacks. You have an up-to-date, recoverable data backup. Should the worst happen, we can run your business from a specialized virtual server with immediate access to your latest data backup.

Offsite Data Storage

We store your data in a SSAE 16 SOC 2 HIPAA compliant data centers. These data centers are located thousands of miles apart. Canadian clients may choose a SSAE 16 SOC 2 compliant data center in Canada. Each data center has 24/7 monitoring and advanced security measures, such as biometrically controlled access as well as backup generators and redundant connections to the Internet.

Data Archiving

We provide data archiving for regulatory compliance. We can archive data for any number of years for HIPAA or FINRA regulations. We also provide email archiving.

24/7 Multi-Location Support

We monitor your data around the clock, no matter where they are located. From our centralized management console, we manage data stored on desktops, laptops, servers, cloud-based servers, and cloud-based file sharing applications.

Flexible Options

Whether you need file, folder, bare metal restore, server virtualization, or data archiving, we can help. CMIT Guardian offers flexibility. We can help you choose what works best for your needs. We keep multiple versions of your data. If something happens and you need to roll back to an earlier version, no problem. Tell us what you need, and we can help.


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