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CMIT Marathon

Proactive IT Support for every business

If it beeps or blinks, we manage it.

Imagine never thinking about your computers again. Simply use your computer and network. Stop worrying about unexpected outages or failures.
We place a zero-footprint intelligent agent on any device that connects to your network so that you can go back to doing what you do best — while we provide IT support for your business. That’s what we do best.

What makes CMIT Marathon a fit for your business?

Three things – our people, the technology and our systems. First, we start with our local team. We live in your community and have a strong network of experts across all of CMIT Solutions network. We monitor, manage, update, refresh, and optimize technology for your business. We use a common set of standard best practices and a common professional services tool that enables our extended team to collaborate. We provide enterprise class IT support at a price any business can afford.

Is CMIT Marathon right for your company? Not sure?
What happens if the plug is pulled on your computers?
Can you continue generating revenue? If not, it’s time to be proactive.

CMIT Marathon and Proactive IT Support

We realize it takes more than great technology to meet your expectations. We wrap our technology with the service your business needs to thrive. While each business is slightly different, we find CMIT Marathon serves as the cornerstone to predictable performance. We invite you to examine the details.

Remote Monitoring

We place an intelligent agent on every computer and collect basic operational data. This information helps us identify issues before they become problems. Data is collected 24/7.

Planned Maintenance

We plan maintenance for your systems and applications. Most of the work can be done remotely in off-hours so there is little impact to your team. We have regularly scheduled maintenance windows so we can make incremental changes and keep our maintenance windows tight.

Automated Alerts and Alarms

We set up the alerts and alarms you need to proactively manage your environment. We also set up maintenance windows around your team’s work schedule so your systems can be updated without impacting productivity.

Anti-malware Protection

We install, manage, and update your anti-malware software. We use a professional level solution that can find, remove and quarantine a virus without human intervention. Our anti-malware software removes zero-day malware, ensures applications behave as intended and identifies malware using machine learning technology. Our anti-malware protection is the first layer of our CMIT Secure protection.

24/7 Network Operations Center

Our network operations center monitors your systems 24/7, watching for the alerts and alarms. Our team does preventative maintenance and problem resolution. We are able to work remotely to manage your systems because of our intelligent agent technology.

Anti-virus Protection

We install and manage anti-virus protection on all of your systems. Computer viruses are a special type of malware. We use specialized anti-virus software because there are many types of viruses that anti-malware programs will not detect. Our anti-virus software removes file infectors and more. Anti-virus protection is the second layer of our CMIT Secure protection.

24/7 Multi-Location Support

We monitor your systems around the clock, no matter where they are located. From our centralized management console, we manage desktops, laptops, servers, cloud-based servers, smart phones and tablets.

System and Application Patching

We patch and update third party applications installed on your systems. Application patching can be challenging if you are not an expert. We patch your systems in sequence, identify possible conflicts and handle any patch interdependencies. In the rare case if something unexpected happens, we can roll your systems back to a stable configuration.


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