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CMIT Print

Managed Print Services

CMIT Print is your managed print service.

Think about your printers.  Are you happy or frustrated?  Many of our clients asked us to provide the same care for their printers that we do for their computers, networks, and data. Now we can.  We offer CMIT Print, a managed print services that automates delivery of printer supplies and provides just-in-time printer maintenance.  If your haven’t evaluated your printers in the last two years, it’s very possible that we can upgrade your printers to more efficient and powerful machines at a very attractive cost.  You might be surprised at what has happened in the printer world in the last few years.   Printers are lower in cost and more efficient to operate.  We can survey your situation and make recommendations.

Do you really need managed print services?

That depends. Managed print services aren’t for everyone. But if you have important documents that have to print correctly every time, it’s worth considering. Not to mention, your employees are probably tired of running to the store to buy toner. And your bottomline might be interested.

Whether you have one printer or a fleet, ask how we can streamline your print expenses. We can even make your printing more green with easy to return, recyclable cartridges. Don’t you want to hug your printer?

CMIT Print and Manage Print Services

CMIT Print is the manage print service for clients that want to optimize performance, cost, and staff happiness. We make your printers hum.

Print Assessment

Let’s start with a fresh inventory of your printers and understand your print requirements.  What finishing options do you need? How many pages will you print each month? Who needs access to printers?  We’ll collect the basic data so we can give you a solid answer to what you need.

Managed Print Service

Managed Print Service means we install an intelligent agent on your printer. This agent communicates with our operations center. When the printer is low on toner, we ship another cartridge to your office. When the printer needs regular maintenance, we send a certified technician to perform the maintenance.  Managed Print Service means we take care of the printer so you don’t have to.


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