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5 Considerations for a Post-COVID World Tech Upgrade

IT Services in San Marcos and New Braunfels Businesses have learned a lot in 2020 and because of COVID-19, they were forced to make a lot of adjustments.

Those that embraced the opportunity to upgrade are doing better than those that resisted change. Many turned to IT services in San Marcos and New Braunfels to help them make the most of this forced opportunity for updates and changes.

Forced or otherwise, upgrading tech brings much-needed improvements to speed and functionality. But you want to proceed carefully. This helps you avoid disruption and data loss.

If you are looking for tech upgrades that can help you in our new post-COVID world or you are done resisting the changes that are undeniable and you’re ready to make the leap forward, here are 5 things to consider during a tech upgrade:

1. Start with a Manageable Upgrade Strategy

Once you’ve committed to upgrading, you’ll want to dive right into it. But it’s always better to do some planning first. You need a proper upgrade strategy that is well-thought-out and keeps things manageable. It’s also important to have backups in place before you begin making changes.

For many businesses, a three-phase plan works best. Start by copying all of your data into the new system. Next, run the new and existing systems in parallel. Do this for about a month while writing updates to both. Finally, after confirming the new system is correct, create a read-only archive copy of the old system and shut it down. IT services San Marcos and New Braunfels can help you map out a strategy like this that works for your business.

2. Make Security and Monitoring a Priority

Make sure you don’t provide an opportunity for bad actors to move on you while you are upgrading your systems to avoid these sorts of things. You don’t want to create a phase of vulnerability that puts you behind the eight ball before even implementing your changes. Preemptively implementing security and monitoring best practices helps you avoid problems during a transition and long-term.

3. Put Quality and Learning at the Top of Your Priorities List

Your goal as a business owner should be to put a policy of continual learning in place. Your team needs to perform as efficiently as possible, which requires ongoing improvements. But you don’t want to be learning new and better ways of doing things at the expense of sacrificing quality now. By putting the priority on both of these values you’ll balance them out and make the most of your opportunities. IT services San Marcos and New Braunfels can help you get a balanced strategy in place.

4. Focus on Tools that That Keep Your Systems Up and Running

Many in-house IT teams are swamped with alerts and support tickets. This is one of the primary reasons people call on external IT services San Marcos and New Braunfels. Outsourcing helps you choose tools that keep IT systems up and running. These tools also relieve the stress of your in-house IT operations team.

5. Make Sure All of Your Bases are Covered

Finally, make sure you’ve protected what’s most important. Back up, create a continuity plan, and evaluate what threats are most important. You don’t want to make upgrades that aren’t necessary and you don’t want to create more risk by upgrading. IT services San Marcos and New Braunfels can help you make a smooth transition to a post-COVID environment.

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