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3 Tips for Managing the Return to In-Person Workplaces

Google has registered over 2 million phishing sites as of January 2021. What can you do to prevent cybercrimes at your work?

More and more offices are easing back into in-person work. Many have chosen to take a hybrid approach, while others are transitioning back as quickly as possible. No matter the approach your business takes, cybersecurity in New Braunfels is an essential aspect of a successful transition. 

What are three things your company can do to improve cybersecurity in New Braunfels and reduce risk during this time?

1. Review and Revise Security Polices

The policies and procedures you have in place are there to prevent and deal with problems in cybersecurity. One of the things that are often overlooked as we transition back to a traditional workplace or implement permanent remote working environments is updated policies and procedures. You must update what’s expected of employees and how issues are handled if you expect to keep things secure. This includes:

  • Securing employee and/or guest Wi-Fi networks
  • Communication platforms
  • Incident response protocols
  • Guidelines for submitting requests for software or hardware credentials

2. Make Sure You Include the Hybrid Work Environment in Risk Assessments

Many companies are slow to move back to in-person work. Others have decided to permanently implement hybrid environments where people are working in-person together part-time and working remotely for the rest of the time. Your security procedures must address these combination work environments to be effective. 

Risk assessments provide a baseline analysis of your company’s risk. They give you information about the basic measures you need to take to improve cybersecurity in New Braunfels. You might be tempted to rely on the risk assessments you did before or during the pandemic, but these give you incomplete information. You can’t put off an assessment if your workforce is in the process of returning to work or you’ve moved forward with the permanent implementation of a hybrid work environment.

3. Consider Hardware and Software Implications of the New Work Environment

There are plenty of things on your to-do list regarding devices, software, and hardware as you re-transition after the pandemic.

This includes:

  • Trying a phased approach to the transition to avoid overwhelming your IT team
  • Consider working with a third-party team of professionals in cybersecurity in New Braunfels
  • Inventory all devices including those that were distributed for remote work
  • Mandate password changes
  • Update all equipment that was not used for remote work
  • Restrict personal device use on office networks even if your team has gotten into the habit of using personal devices during the pandemic
  • Run a scan on all computers and mobile devices to search for unauthorized software and apps
  • Provide your team with updated security guidelines that address your current work environment, be it a return to in-person or a hybrid approach
  • Run endpoint detection scans on all devices brought back into the workplace
  • Review what went well and what didn’t with employees regarding the transition to remote work
  • Anticipate a future return to hybrid or remote work regardless of your current approach so you aren’t caught unaware again

Nobody was given a map for the transition to remote work when the pandemic hit. But now you have time to make the transition back to in-person work or a hybrid arrangement without the rush and crisis. Recognizing the importance of cybersecurity in New Braunfels is one of your top priorities during this phase.  

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