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5 Trends in Cybersecurity in New Braunfels and How They Can Help Your Business

Businesses are racing to keep pace with the evolving complexity and sophistication of cyber threats. What can you do to help mitigate cyber threats?

The technology landscape is ever-changing, but never have we seen more sudden change than we did in 2020. Cybersecurity in New Braunfels and around the world was forced to meet new challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of these changes are permanent and will affect businesses for decades to come.

What are five of the biggest trends in cybersecurity in New Braunfels and what can you do to deal with this new frontier?

1. New Threats of Remote Work

COVID-19 safety protocols shifted many workplaces into our homes. Remote work became a necessity and suddenly, IT professionals had to find ways to implement security strategies when their teams were spread in many different locations. 

In some cases, companies had to rush to find safety measures or make-do for a while without the necessary security. Instead of one single office, there were millions of mini offices spread out in people’s homes all over. This gave hackers all new opportunities to do their work. Attacks rose during 2020 and the first part of 2021 and this is expected to continue until cybersecurity in New Braunfels catches up.

As we make our way back to normal, many companies will continue to have remote teams, possibly indefinitely. If your company is sticking with partial or full-time remote work, you’ll need to identify any remaining weaknesses and make your team less vulnerable to threats.

2. Phishing Schemes

In addition to hacking attacks, the pandemic also led to more phishing opportunities for criminals. Many pharmaceutical companies and vaccine distributors have been targeted since the vaccine launch in phishing efforts. Additionally, many at-home workers are facing phishing attacks and their IT security has yet to catch up with the practice. 

Businesses can improve their identity management strategy to help remote workers struggling with security and make sure all departments are operating under the same security policies regardless of their industry.

3. Growing Use of AI

Companies will continue to embrace the increasing advancements of artificial intelligence. If your team has yet to do so, AI-powered security systems streamline the ability to detect threats and potentially save money and frustration caused by a data breach.

4. Improved Data Privacy

There has never been a time that the protection of data has been more important. Many of the world’s most recent cyberattacks have involved the exposure of massive amounts of personally identifying information. Data privacy is no longer a single component of cybersecurity in New Braunfels. Businesses must take the time to understand their weaknesses and make fixing them a top priority.

5. Growing Need for Experts in Cyber Security in New Braunfels

Hiring well-trained cybersecurity personnel will continue to be a challenge. Your company must make it a top priority and do all you can to train workers throughout your organization in security measures. Companies willing to invest in security automation, training, and education stand a better chance of success in the coming years. 

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