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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of information is in these QuickTip emails?

A: We demystify threats like the latest cyber security attack, tell you about fraudulent scams that could cost your business thousands of dollars, provide you with productivity tips and short cuts to using common computer applications and other valuable insights that can help you and your fellow employees keep your business running efficiently.

Q: How often will you email me?

A: QuickTips is an email that is typically sent out once a week on Tuesday afternoons. On special occasions we might send out an urgent alert, if there is a news story or cyber security threat that we think matters to your business.

Q: What if I later decide that I don't like receive QuickTips emails from you?

A: Unsubscribe at anytime by clicking the email preferences link at the bottom of every QuickTip we send.

Q: Will you ever resell my data to another company?

A: No, we respect you and value our relationship. We value your privacy. We will never share your email address or any other information with anyone for any reason. For more information please view our privacy policy.