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CMIT Ultra Service

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CMIT Solutions ULTRA Service

To make IT services affordable and suitable to varying sizes of businesses, we generally categorize our service offering at three distinct levels, and our ULTRA Service is at the top. Clients interested in this level of care must first qualify, but from approval onward, they enjoy this elite level of service at a fixed, flat rate. ULTRA Service covers our full array of services, including unlimited on-site and remote technical support as well as CMIT’s Marathon Ultra and Guardian Ultra products. CMIT Solutions of Seattle Downtown also provides comprehensive support for all other products in our offering, including Managed Security.

What makes CMIT's ULTRA Service so outstanding?

The all-inclusive nature of our ULTRA service eliminates confusion and budget concerns when it comes to getting the IT support you need, when you need it. Every proactive intervention you initiate, whether it be a preventative maintenance issue or just a simple question, is included in the predictable flat monthly fee.

This leads many of our ULTRA level clients to call us more often, which we really appreciate because it helps your CMIT technicians take care of any issues they uncover before the issues become actual problems. This saves time and money all around! When our clients communicate well with us, it leads to far more effective IT performance, which benefits your business’ IT stability.

Worried that our ULTRA Service carries a price tag that’s too much for your business’ budget? Put your worries aside! We’re happy to sit down with you to demonstrate how ULTRA would work for your business, based on your last 12 months of operations. From there, pricing is simple and again, a flat, predictable monthly rate.

If you are worried that CMIT Solutions ULTRA Service is too expensive, don’t. We can put pencil to paper and show you exactly how it would work for you based on the last twelve months in your business. It’s that simple.


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CMIT Solutions of Seattle Downtown

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Providing IT Services and Support for Seattle, WA
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