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Custom IT services and solutions for businesses in Seattle, WA

CMIT Solutions of Seattle Downtown provides managed security service packages and professional IT support services ranging from 24/7 monitoring of servers and software to secure off-site data storage, help desk support, telecommunications and voice services, managed print, and cloud computing, just to name a few.

CMIT Solutions offers Seattle area proactive IT support and technology management services at affordable, consistent monthly rates. Our subscription model allows your business to effectively budget for and plan IT expenses, saving you money and time in the long run.

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24/7 maintenance and monitoring to keep your systems up and running. IT services that prevent downtime, maximize employee productivity, and solve problems before they happen.


Proactive IT Support

Optimizing your devices and elite-level monitoring to protect against viruses or hacking, and solve IT issues before they happen.

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Data Protection & Backup

Preventing costly events such as hacks, data loss or breach, backing up your information securely, and offering disaster recovery options.

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Local Supplemental IT

Expanding your technological capacity and filling gaps in your team with skilled supplemental technicians selected to fulfill your unique needs.

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Local Outsourced IT

Focus on what you do best by relying on local experts that augment your team and care about the success of your business

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Keep your proprietary business data safe with remote, automatic backups and a business continuity plan in case of disaster. Prevent data loss with encrypted storage and virtualized recovery, then enjoy increased productivity.


Data Protection

Securing your information with firewalls and other technologies that reduce or eliminate the risk of hacking, viruses, data breach and more.

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Secured Backups

Backing up data to reduce downtime in the event of data loss or disaster, with geo-diversified backup locations to recover quickly in the event of a disaster.

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Cloud Storage

Efficiently storing your data on cloud-based systems for real-time and easy accessibility whenever, wherever, and on whatever device you’re using.

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Disaster Recovery

Offering data recovery solutions to help you retrieve as much as possible, reduce damage to your business, and recover quickly after a disaster.

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Never complain about your network again. We will help you find the right business-class Internet provider and manage your network properly


Internet Bandwidth

Helping you find the best fit for your internet service provider, then managing your internet service for absolute peak performance.

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Network Management

Ensuring excellent network performance with a bandwidth to support your business’ operations through professional management and problem analysis.

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Public cloud. Private cloud. Hybrid cloud. Website hosting. Cloud-based applications. CMIT has choices for every business and any application.

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Cloud-Based Applications

Supporting your data with popular cloud-based applications such as Office365, Sharepoint and Azure, as well as more custom applications.

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Secure Hosting

Hosting your website and applications securely, with additional services as needed for design and application development.

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Private Cloud

Offering high performance private cloud solutions including data protection and recovery services for your systems and applications.

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Public Cloud

Identifying the optimal public cloud platform to satisfy your storage needs and your budget, with appropriate sizing for your business.

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Applications drive business, which is why we support both you and your applications. Across our system, we have experience with specialized line of business applications. Need an expert? We have many in the CMIT system.

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From Microsoft Exchange and Outlook, to other email service providers, we’ll help you identify the appropriate email service for your business.

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Office 365

CMIT Solutions specializes in Microsoft products, particularly Office365, and can assist in setting your business up for success with Office365 and other Microsoft applications.

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As the number-one requested application, our clients appreciate that we can support Quickbooks and many other Intuit products.

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Let CMIT Solutions help design and build the ideal Sharepoint system for your business’ needs. Our developer network is skilled and ready to help.

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Secure File Sync & Share

When regulatory audits come along, keep your team productive with our business class secure file sync and share services.

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Secure Access

Block unauthorized access to your data, yet share easily with our secure access (2FA/SSO). It is equipped with two-factor authentication and a single sign on.

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CMIT Solutions of Seattle Downtown provides comprehensive protection of your website, network and digital assets with multi-layered defense and 24/7 monitoring. We’ll protect your business from viruses, malware, hacking and even the most common, non-malicious security risk of human error.

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Risk Assessment

Find out how secure your business is against cyber attacks, and learn about the most safe and cost-effective measures to add to protect your business and its data.

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Compliance Requirements

Our IT services are designed for compliance with industry-standard requirements including HIPAA, DSS PCI, Sarbanes Oxley, and DFARS.

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Managed Security

Some businesses require digital security that’s more complicated, and our security-as-a-service is ideal for these more intricate scenarios.

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Secure Operations Center

CMIT Solutions is local to Downtown Seattle, but our network of 24/7/365 security experts is available to you at anytime to provide uninterrupted security.

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Secure Firewall

As the primary layer of defense against viruses, malware and hacking attempts, it’s key to keep your firewall in shape. We have a range of solutions to fit any budget.

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Secure User Access

Single-password logins may leave your business vulnerable and at risk. Upgrade to two-factor authentication to eliminate unauthorized access.

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Data Encryption

We help safeguard your data from compromise with ultimate data encryption services. Protect your information from data breach or theft.

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Single Sign On (SSO)

Make your teams more efficient with secure single sign on access to your website, intranet and cloud-based applications.

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Security Training

We keep your business and its data secure in the long term by informing your management and/or staff with security training as needed.

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Ever bought a computer only to find it pre-populated with a bunch of apps that you don’t want or need? That will not happen on CMIT’s watch. Let us handle new tech purchases for you.

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Hardware Refresh

Swap out your old equipment with new hardware that comes under warranty to ensure reliability and business-quality systems.

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Application Evaluations

When it’s time to find a new application, CMIT Solutions helps research, test and choose the ideal tool for your workflow and overall business.

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Leasing and Financing

Our network of lenders can assist in spreading out the cost of your equipment with 3, 4, and 5-year terms on both hardware and services.

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CMIT Solutions of Seattle Downtown offers experienced technical leadership in the local Seattle area with our Virtual CIO/CTO service. Inform, strengthen and empower your management and/or executive teams with strategic advice, experienced technical management, and more with our support.


Annual Tech Planning

Support the goals of your business each year with informed planning to be sure that your tech is aligned with your goals and workflow, supported by relevant systems and applications.

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Strategic Consulting

What’s the future vision for your business? Our experienced IT leaders will collaborate with you to bring your long-term goals into reality with the support of technology and IT services.

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Project Management

Key projects often require special technical input, and our Virtual CIO/CTO service provides the ideal network of experts to augment your team and drive the success of the project.

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Vendor Management

We take care of your IT with cost-effective outsourcing that provides flexibility to scale as your business demands

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“Our line of work is dependent on IT and we can’t have any downtime. CMIT has helped us grow from three employees to 20, and they’ve helped us manage our growth and begin working with remote employees, keeping us all connected.”

Michael Mills, President | Broadwing Aviation

Find out how companies succeed with CMIT Solutions.

Wisconsin non-profit thrives with responsive IT help desk support

Chicago-area CPA firm grows thanks to trustworthy IT solutions and reliable network management

St. Louis-area medical clinic prevents disaster with proactive IT monitoring and managed IT support


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