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CMIT Solutions: Your Cybersecurity Team Partner

Security breaches tend to be top news stories for most news media outlets. Sadly, we’ve grown accustomed to hearing about them. Fortunately, for our clients, they can sleep better because they have CMIT Solutions of South Nassau on their side.

Due to the ever-growing threat of ransomware and other attacks, partners like CMIT Solutions of South Nassau have selected and deployed multiple security layers for all the businesses they serve, and are continuously adapting as the threats evolve over time.

One of our longtime customers, which relies on the CMIT Solutions team to manage and support their nine offices, opted to deploy the multiple security layers that were recommended by CMIT Solutions.

In May 2021, this customer was the target of a ransomware campaign that ultimately attempted to launch 4,021 attacks against 162 PCs. The attack began when an employee opened a supplier email with a malicious Excel attachment, and then enabled the content within. From this single endpoint, the ransomware quickly mapped the network, downloaded additional files to propagate the attack, and attempted to move throughout the organization to other locations, attacking PCs and servers. Within two minutes, the malware made over 1,000 attempts to connect to three Command-and-Controls (C&C) servers in Eastern Europe.

In the end, the attack failed to encrypt a single file. The CMIT Solutions team began receiving notifications that one of the security layers had stopped and eliminated ransomware. Additional methods of attack were then identified and the breach was eliminated.

Ultimately, the attack was stopped through a mixture of advanced technology and the  skillful response from the CMIT Solutions team. CMIT Solutions immediately started their response process, taking machines offline automatically. The platform detected and killed movement of the ransomware as it attempted to spread across the company’s networks.

As a result of the multiple security layers that had been implemented by CMIT Solutions, there was no impact to the operations of their customer. In the event that the ransomware attack was successful, we work equally hard to be ready to recover systems and information so our clients will have the option of not paying a ransom to access their data.

Fast forward to the next system breach. What will you do? Will you be aware of it? Will you navigate those murky waters alone? Don’t wait until the disaster strikes decide. Contact CMIT Solutions of South Nassau and we’ll be happy to discuss proactive steps to protect your business today.


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