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From working with many clients over the years, CMIT Solutions has seen the struggles that organizations face from security risks overall. There are different dynamics at play within the security risk industry today. For example, the digital transformation has made the business landscape look unrecognizable to many. The result of this transformation is that the digital footprint has grown exponentially and has no limitations.

The cyber game has escalated for everyone! Everything nowadays is on the rise, including attacks, sophistication, and cost. Therefore, organizations cannot sweep security risk under the rug any longer! If you would like a security risk assessment in Stamford for your business, contact CMIT Solutions! This is the first step in security risk management.

The Importance of a Security Risk Assessment

CMIT Solutions can help you to merge the initiatives and interests of digital transformation and cyber escalation. Left unintended, then these two problems can collide and become a super-problem for your organization. There’s no doubt; security risk management is extremely complex these days as well as hyper-dimensional. Still, it is crucial to protecting your interests, and it all starts for local businesses with a security risk assessment in Stamford.

A security risk assessment evaluates an organization’s vulnerabilities, threats, and consequences that can impact the business. Following a robust security risk assessment, CMIT Solutions can help you to identify and implement the appropriate defense mechanisms that are associated with your organization’s vulnerabilities, threats, and business impact.

Assessing and Addressing Your Vulnerabilities, Threats, and Impact

Starting with vulnerabilities, it is crucial to identify where they are, how many of them you have, and what the nature of your vulnerabilities are. To identify these facts, you will need to inventory your network, but if you have dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of devices in your network, that can be quite the task! Let CMIT Solutions conduct a security risk assessment for your business using fully automated tools that can quickly identify your vulnerabilities and serve as the foundation for the management of your security risks.

In addition to your vulnerabilities, the threat landscape is changing every day, which subsequently means that your vulnerabilities are changing daily as well. To stay ahead of your threats, your organization must continuously monitor and evaluate your network and continuously attack your network. This is the only true way to learn the full scope of threats that your network faces!

Cybersecurity is still a relatively new industry that has no established best practices in terms of being able to quantify the impact that organizations incur as a result of cyber threats. This is why most organizations believe that the only solution is to treat all threats equally. However, this is not advised! Providing our clients with the best possible security risk management, we help our clients to map out their organization’s functions along with the IT systems they have in place to support and enhance those functions. This is the only way to gather the information that we need to quantify the impact of a cyber threat.