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There are many reasons people need a good screen shot, such as to show error messages to a support person while having technical challenges or to save a screen without the cumbersome process of printing. But regardless of the reason, taking screen shots is fast and easy. However, it’s not always intuitive.

Here are a few easy steps for capturing simple and effective screen shots:

Step 1: Press “Print Screen.” The first step in capturing your screen shot is pressing the Print Screen key, often abbreviated as “Prt Scn” on your keyboard. For the majority of keyboards, this key is located between the F12 and Scr Lk button (at the top of the keyboard). After pressing the button, nothing will happen, so many people are unsure whether the command worked. But you’ll know it worked after the next step.

Step 2: Paste your screen shot. After capturing your intended image on the screen, you’ll need to paste it into the desired document. For some people this will be a Word document, while others may want to paste into the body of an email. Either way, the process is the same. Simply open your desired document and press “Ctrl + V” to paste. Alternately, you can open the edit menu and select “Paste” (but the control command is faster).

After pasting, you’ll see the screen shot in your document. If you want the image to appear larger, simply click the corners of the document and drag to the desired image size.

Step 3: Save the screen shot. After modifying your screen shot to the desired image size, save the screen shot by pressing “Ctrl + S.” This will open your save function through Windows and you can save the file to the desired location.

One Final Tip

Saving the image to a Word document is helpful, but there are times when you need a JPG or PNG file. If this is the case, on step two instead of opening a Word document, open a Paint file instead. Simply paste the image onto the blank canvas by using “Ctrl + V.”

When saving the document, select your desired format (JPEG or PNG) from the drop-down menu and complete the save.

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