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The sheer amount of data that businesses are handling is growing at an astronomical rate. This explains why big data has expanded to a $16.1 billion market, growing six times faster than the overall IT market, according to Forbes. Faced with the management of vast amounts of data and the expanding need to collaborate remotely, file storage is front and center.

Cloud storage has become a popular and attractive option for businesses to solve this challenge. However, when searching for options you might have noticed “unlimited storage” – with some of the available choices being free. As a result, you might be wondering whether there’s truly an unlimited cloud storage option, and if so – what should you look for?


There are many companies that offer unlimited cloud storage. But when shopping these options, it’s important to read the fine print to understand what unlimited really means. For starters, review the disclosures. Sometimes contracts will include a disclosure that reserves the right to terminate a contract based on overuse. You need to understand how they define overuse and how this pertains to storage.

In addition, you should also pay attention to bandwidth. If the unlimited storage option limits your bandwidth, it can make uploading really slow, which can be time consuming and frustrating.

And finally, there’s the issue of file size. Do you store large files, such as videos? And if so, does the provider limit how much you can upload per file – for example, 5GB per document? If you’re simply uploading word processing documents, this might not be a problem. But when you’re uploading files with graphics or videos, you might run into a challenge.


Recently, Microsoft Office made the surprising announcement that it would offer an unlimited storage bucket to its cloud subscribers through Microsoft 365. Through this solution, multiple people can also collaborate and co-author a single document without traditional storage constraints. This makes sharing information and collaborating much easier in the workplace.

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