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CMIT Solutions is Your Disciplined Connecticut IT Partner

Connecticut IT PartnerAt CMIT Solutions of Stamford, our background is in more than just technology. We have also had years of corporate experience executing tasks in a predictable, scalable, repeatable, maintainable, and understandable manner. However, in the IT world, it’s not uncommon for IT technicians to start their own business without the experience of working within a disciplined technical environment. Unfortunately, without the additional corporate experience, it is common to fall into “firefighting” mode versus strategically preventing IT problems before they begin.

Working within disciplined corporate environments, your CMIT Solutions team has proven processes to be consistent with communication, build IT plans that are scalable, as well as document and test everything thoroughly. Our goal is to ensure we are providing the highest level of strategic IT support for each of our clients.

Oftentimes, when you call an IT service provider, they may sound frantic or stressed. This is common in our industry where many providers find themselves in fire-fighting mode. Of course, there is no fool-proof way to avoid IT emergencies, but at CMIT Solutions of Stamford, we have well-tested strategies and processes that will proactively protect our clients’ IT systems. And as most business owners know, when an IT issue pops up, depending on the severity, it could halt all other business activity until it is fixed.

A Trusted, Connecticut IT Partner

As a business owner, consider asking yourself the following questions which may indicate that your current IT service provider is not working in a disciplined manner:

  • Does your current IT service provider take too long to return your calls because they are too busy fighting fires?
  • When you call your current IT service provider, are they able to discuss your needs in a calm professional manner?
  • When your current IT service provider makes changes to your network, do they commonly create unanticipated problems?
  • Has your current IT provider been able to restore files someone deleted?
  • Does your current IT provider seem to always need to come back to fix one more thing?
  • Does your current IT service provider utilize test plans?
  • Does your current IT service provider utilize detailed disaster recovery plans?
  • Does your current IT service provider utilize cybersecurity remediation plans?

At CMIT Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing peace of mind to our clients through stable systems that run smoothly with limited emergency calls. Our multi-layer processes, strategic know-how, and unique corporate experience ensure that our clients can sleep soundly with a dedicated IT plan in place to support the overall growth and health of their business.

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