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Covid-19 Cyber Threats You Need to be Aware of

Overnight COVID-19 has changed our lives and cyber threat evolved.  Over the last several weeks, we have focused on the impact and adjustments this unprecedented virus has injected into our world.  For the 2-3 week period that we moved from normal to “shelter in place”, cybercriminals also were stunned and had to pivot.  Pivot they did and suddenly the hunger of information related to COVID-19 was being used as the new lure to renew existing cyber threats and some new ones.

Using Hayvn’s Half Time program as a platform, Linda Kuppersmith of CMIT Solutions of Stamford, provided a 20-minute webinar to the Hayvn Coworking Community where she also  serves on the Hayvn advisory board and as the Technical  Expert in Residence.

Thanks to technology the presentation was recorded and is available on Hayvn’s Half Time YouTube Channel for replay:  New Cyber Threats In These Crazy Times.  The presentation focused on 3 major new threats posed by COVID-19:

  • How to spot a COVID-19 phishing email
  • How to secure your Zoom software
  • Tips to improve the security of your home computer & network

A copy of the slide deck which includes reference links is available here:  New Cyber Threats In These Crazy Times.

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