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CMIT Solutions Provides Emergency, On-Call IT Support Technicians

On-Call IT Support TechniciansNetwork outages are not only irritating for any business owner, but they can result in lost hours of work across the organization. These occurrences can happen due to partial or complete technology failure and it is crucial during instances of system downtime for IT support technicians to be passionate about minimizing the potential adverse impact to their customers. When it comes to providing the highest level of IT support to small businesses, having the right IT partner is key.

Emergency IT Support Technicians in CT

At CMIT Solutions of Stamford, our network monitoring center alerts our on-call IT support technicians when critical outages occur 24/7, 365 days a year. Recently, a client experienced a  power outage in the very early morning hours of Saturday, April 10th. Fortunately, CMIT Solutions was ready. When – not if – a problem arises for our clients, we have a business continuity plan in place to ensure that our clients remain operational.

For this specific outage, our technician engaged Dell Enterprise Support and alerted another CMIT Solutions team located near the impacted site should a visit to the site be required over the weekend. Shortly after power was restored, our technician was able to remotely log in and run through several troubleshooting solutions. As a result, our client’s system was back up and fully operational to ensure that the on-site employees would have full access to their IT server Monday morning. This also meant that any remote workers logging into the server over the weekend would not be impacted either.

At CMIT Solutions of Stamford, our commitment is to protect your data, defend your network, and provide excellent customer service. Our team is hyper-focused on keeping your systems running and your team productive so business owners can experience technology peace of mind whenever you need us.


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